Kate Middleton Absolutely Stuns In Her Latest Low Key Look

Kate Middleton is rarely not in the news — she's married to the heir to the British throne, after all — but in recent years, that news has rarely been good. Ever since Meghan Markle joined the family, it seems they have been enmeshed in scandal. First, Meghan and Prince Harry gave up their positions and moved to America, where they soon gave an explosive interview to Oprah Winfrey about just how hellish their life in the royal family was. Among the many allegations put forth by Meghan, which included racism and disregard for her health, was her claim that Kate bullied her to the point of tears just days before her 2018 wedding. In fact, it's unclear if Kate and Meghan have even spoken since the latter left for the U.S. almost a year ago. Then, there were the rumors that Prince William was having an affair with Kate's good friend and neighbor, Rose Hanbury.

Kate has mostly laid low and avoided making public statements about the drama. The one thing she has maintained throughout all the scandals, though, is her impeccable sense of style. For every article about her husband and Hanbury or her most recent fight with her sister-in-law, there are at least a dozen about Kate's gorgeous hair, makeup, and enviable wardrobe.

Case in point, the duchess recently got a break from the scrutiny surrounding her Christmas plans with Harry and Meghan when she was applauded for her stunning, casual look at a recent royal engagement.

Kate Middleton's style stole the show

Kate Middleton put her art history degree from the University of St. Andrews to good use this week when she attended a special exhibition for a Fabergé Egg collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The preview for "Fabergé in London: Romance To Revolution" showcased some of the legendary eggs, including three that were donated by Queen Elizabeth, per People.

Kate's look was surprisingly understated for such a glamorous exhibit. She wore simple black, wide-leg pants paired with a blue and red paisley Ralph Lauren blouse. As for jewelry, Kate wore a tasteful pair of gold hoops, which she showed off by sweeping her hair back into a ponytail. Oh, and a black mask, of course, per Hello!

Kate was more interested in the art than her looks, as the exhibit clearly enthralled her. The museum's curator, Kieran McCarthy, told the outlet that Kate was "fascinated by the whole subject." The duchess has an eye for detail, which is likely where she gets her remarkable sense of style. "There was a lot of why and wherefore in the discussion," McCarthy said. "Which was very interesting because it takes a sophistication to look beyond seeing the spectacle to actually probe into the details, and that was there." Beauty and brains? Prince William is a lucky man.