What's Really Going On With President Biden?

At a fresh 79 years old, Joe Biden is the oldest person to ever serve as president of the United States, per CBS News. That being said, Biden's physical and mental health have been a topic of contentious discussion. It certainly didn't help the president's case when he appeared to fall asleep at the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November, giving credence to former President Donald Trump's nickname for him: Sleepy Joe.

But as Biden gets older, questions are beginning to rise about his plans for 2024. Will he seek a second term? Democrats are beginning to privately wonder if the incumbent president is the best candidate to run in 2024. "Electability was the No. 1 issue in the last election ...," a Democrat aide told The Hill. "But if Biden's approval rating stays where it is, if we have a rough midterm cycle, if he can't deliver on his entire agenda — is he still considered the most electable candidate?" One former campaign staffer said Biden should step aside and let Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg emerge as the heir apparent.

Now, the White House has revealed an issue with the president's health. What exactly is going on?

Joe Biden insists it's 'just a cold'

The Physician to the President released a statement revealing that President Joe Biden is experiencing "increased nasal congestion," per ABC News. The president is also experiencing the feeling of a "frog in [his] throat." He was tested for 19 common respiratory illnesses, including the flu, strep throat, and COVID-19. All tests came back negative. As an extra precaution, he was also tested for COVID-19 three times this week. The condition appears not to be serious, as the president will be treated with over-the-counter medications.

Biden sounded noticeably sick when giving a jobs report earlier today, but insisted it was "just a cold." But that didn't stop his political opposition from pouncing, questioning his health and his fitness to lead. "Given how terrible Biden sounds right now I'm wondering when the 25th Amendment talks will start?" Donald Trump, Jr. asked on Twitter. "If Trump slightly mispronounced some obscure country in the middle of nowhere they brought up the 25th amendment... Joe Biden can barely get through a sentence."