The Most Unlikely Celeb Relationships Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Everyone has a different stance on whether to "do it" on the first date. It could scare someone off, make things too intimate too soon, or even lead to premature arguments. And by "do it," we mean talk about each other's astrological charts. Obviously.

Jay Z and Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are just a few of the Hollywood power couples whose first dates clearly didn't include the question, "What's your sign?" Because if they did dive into their astrological compatibility, they might have called off their relationships before they even began.

A lot of factors go into the making of a successful celeb marriage. If one person's star rises too fast, divorce can be on the horizon. And then there's the rampant cheating in Tinseltown. No celeb seems to be safe. Throw in astrological incompatibility, and some relationships seem fully doomed. Of course, astrology isn't quite backed by science. But it is a fun tool for analysis, and it might surprise you just how much these celebs' celestial relationship quirks make sense.

Steadfast Virgos like Beyoncé are normally driven nuts by Sagittarians' spontaneity, but she loves Jay Z

Beyoncé and Jay Z are considered a golden couple of Hollywood thanks to their relationship's near-double-decade longevity. But their sun signs actually render them pretty incompatible: Virgos like Beyoncé are fastidious and love control. Beyoncé herself has commented on how much she identifies with the Virgo traits, telling Harper's Bazaar, "Trust, the reason those folks don't see certain things about me is because my Virgo a** does not want them to see it....It's not because it doesn't exist!" Sagittarians like Jay Z, meanwhile, are much more spontaneous.

Beyoncé even referenced the couple's possible incompatibility in her 2003 song "Signs," released a year after they allegedly started dating, per Glamour. In the song, she repeats several times, "I was in love with a Sagittarius," and admits, "Hey, I wish he was a Virgo, the same sign as me." Even if Beyoncé and Jay Z have had their difficulties — and we all know they have — they were clearly still going strong as of November 2021, almost 20 years after their romance began.

According to Well + Good, Jay Z's fire sign is supposed to scorch Beyoncé's earth sign, but Elite Daily has a theory about the unlikely pairing: "They're both able to accommodate one another's differences in the way they operate, not to mention Virgo helps to ground Sagittarius in their never ending quest to explore, and Sagittarius helps Virgo not to limit their thinking to just practical concerns."

Hardworking Capricorn John Legend doesn't seem bothered by Sagittarius Chrissy Teigen's wilder moments

Chrissy Teigen has had her fair share of controversial moments, culminating in the summer of 2021 when her alleged history of cyber-bullying minors Quvenzhané Wallis and Courtney Stodden became public. She's always been known for speaking her mind, and her Sagittarius sun "can certainly get you in trouble," astrologer Camille Michelle Gray writes on her website. "​​Those Sagittarius Twitter fingers ... can be problematic—picking on peers, always trying to be seen as 'edgy' or funny."

Teigen's husband, John Legend, meanwhile, is a seemingly super-serious Capricorn. But people don't realize that Capricorns also have a dark sense of humor. "Earth sign Capricorn will draw you in with their dark jokes oozing with wit, sarcasm, and irony," astrologer Danny Larkin writes for Vice. "They'll have you cracking up as they take digs at the mediocrity of the world or playfully call out someone's weak spots." With a secret side like that, it's no wonder Legend loves all of Teigen, despite their opposing earth and fire signs.

Leo Mila Kunis and Aquarius Ashton Kutcher are the zodiac's total opposites

Leo Mila Kunis loves the spotlight so much that she lied about her age to get her big break on "That '70s Show," she told Jay Leno during a 2012 appearance on "The Tonight Show," per Just Jared. This led to an awkward situation when then-14-year-old Kunis kissed then-19-year-old Ashton Kutcher, who's now her husband. "I was the one with the butterflies in my stomach," Kutcher told People in 2001. "I mean, here's this little girl and I have to kiss her. It was nerve-racking."

"Mila is a double Leo—both her Sun and Mars are in this fiery, creative sign," astrologer Narayana Montúfar told Women's Health. "And Ashton is what we call a quadruple Aquarius with most of his natal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus) in this cool, intellectual sign." Their signs are actually opposites on the zodiac, she added, so "​​they disagree and have ego clashes occasionally."

Still, they seem to be in it for the long haul. "I prize her as the most valuable person in the world to me," Kutcher said during a 2015 tech conference, according to People. He added that their love life is "amazing," so they clearly don't need a chart to tell them that they're compatible. 

Scorpio Travis Barker and Aries Kourtney Kardashian should repel each other

Kourtney Kardashian is an uber-glam reality TV star, and Travis Barker is a heavily tattooed pop-punk rocker. Despite their October 2021 engagement, these two seem like complete opposites. And their astrological signs bear that out: Kourtney is an up-front Aries, while Barker is a mysterious Scorpio.

Astrology writer Kristine Fellizar calls the Aries-Scorpio pairing "a relationship that's oh-so-wrong yet feels so right" in a Bustle article. "There are a lot of reasons why these two shouldn't work out." But, she adds, one simple thing could help a couple like this surmount their astrological differences: "sexual chemistry." And anyone looking at photos of Kourtney and Barker together could probably glean that they were born under "the two most passionate signs of the zodiac," per Fellizar. Barker couldn't even keep his hands off Kourtney when he was seemingly at work in a recording studio.

Their Instagram posts prove that this is a tempestuous and passionate union. "​​May we destroy each other completely. Love, Kourtney," Kardashian wrote in a note Barker posted on his Instagram stories in February 2021, per Yahoo!. Told you Aries were up-front!

Most Gemini-Scorpio matches end in disaster, but Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban make it work

Nicole Kidman is a bold, charismatic Gemini, while her husband, Keith Urban, is an intense, moody Scorpio. These two signs aren't the most natural match together. "[Gemini] prioritizes flexibility and curiosity, and [Scorpio] is all about fixation and seeing things through to the end," Aitana Cardoso and astrologer Chelsea Jackson wrote in a piece for Elite Daily. "Overall, a Gemini and a Scorpio may make for a fun, exciting match but they might have too many differences for a serious, long-term relationship."

But Kidman and Urban seem to be in it for the long haul. They've been married since 2006, which is an eternity in Hollywood years. And Kidman wishes they'd been together even longer. "I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him, but I didn't," she told Vogue in 2015.

And their apparent lack of astrological compatibility doesn't seem to bother them: Urban once wrote a song about Kidman called "Gemini." It was so personal that it embarrassed her, she admitted on "The Kyle & Jackie O Show." The song contains lyrics including, "She's a maniac in the bed, but a brainiac in the head," so it's no wonder Urban is pointing his Scorpio fixation toward his wife.

Capricorns usually find Leos annoying, but Michelle and Barack Obama seem perfect for each other

When it comes to power couples, former president and first lady Barack and Michelle Obama are often held up as the most aspirational pairing of 21st century America. They've been together since 1989, and Barack once said on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Obviously, I couldn't have done anything that I've done without Michelle. ... Not only has she been a great first lady, but she is just my rock. And I count on her in so many ways every single day."

But these two aren't an astrological match. Michelle is a serious and professionally minded Capricorn, while Barack is an attention-loving Leo. "Michelle's Capricorn sun sign and Barack's sun in Leo — the signs that rule identity — aren't compatible; they're total opposites," according to Women's Health.

But they are compatible when it comes to some pretty important values thanks to the planet Venus. "They share the same approach towards romance, finances, and family values," astrologer Narayana Montúfar told Women's Health. "And it's actually in the Venus connection where their main strength is." Their astrological inclination to agree on financial decisions has netted the Obamas an estimated net worth of about $70 million, per Celebrity Net Worth, so clearly Venus is very much on their side.

It's possible Aquarius Justin Timberlake finds Pisces Jessica Biel a bit needy

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have put on a united front since he was busted apparently canoodling with a co-star in 2019, as evidenced by photos published by The Sun. The couple reconciled after Timberlake groveled on Instagram, saying, "I should have known better. This is not the example I want to set for my son." Things seemed to be smooth between the pair as of February 2021, with Biel supporting Timberlake on Instagram after he apologized for looking the other way while pitchfork mobs attacked his former collaborator Janet Jackson and his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears in the past.

That's a lot of apologies, right? They could be explained by Timberlake's un-emotional Aquarius demeanor. Aquarians "can come across as cold and insensitive because they don't care what others think," opines astrology writer January Nelson on Thought Catalog. Pisceans like Biel, meanwhile, are often overflowing with emotion.

This means Timberlake and Biel aren't all that compatible. Aquarians require "plenty of space while Pisces are possessive," according to Nelson. Maybe that's why Timberlake decided he'd rather live the single life than date Biel in 2011, per People. However, he proposed to Biel a few months after their split, and the couple is now going on a decade of marriage, so clearly, something's working.

Leos like Kylie Jenner need a lot of attention, and Taureans like Travis Scott are usually too laid-back to give it to them

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have had a bumpy ride. Even when Kylie announced she was pregnant with their second baby, fans weren't sure whether they were actually a couple or just co-parents, with an insider explaining to Us Weekly that they "don't put a label on" their relationship. Then there was the mass casualty event at Scott's November 2021 concert at Astroworld, which added another layer of controversy to the couple.

Anyone who pays attention to astrology probably isn't surprised. "Taurus and Leo make great business partners as they are driven and will focus on different areas to thrive," astrologer Arriana Fox told Bustle. "But at home and in love, this can bring some upsetting challenges that make this a hard match to live and love together."

Their differing priorities can cause a "power struggle," Fox said, and a Leo like Kylie is supposed to desire independence. However, she had to give up some of her freedom at the beginning of her relationship with Scott when he was due to go on tour. Kylie recalled to GQ, "And I was like, 'I guess I'm going with you.' ... And then we rode off into the sunset." Parenthood kept Kylie from joining Scott on the road for too long during his subsequent tours, but it seems they liked their arrangement enough to have another baby together.

It's no surprise that sensitive Cancer Kristen Bell and frank Capricorn Dax Shepard have epic arguments

If you're not a fan of their TV, movie, and podcast work, you might think actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's main claim to fame is their rocky marriage. Bell and Shepard open up about their marriage struggles frequently. Bell even confessed on the "Life is Short with Justin Long" podcast that she blacked out during a particularly ugly fight with her husband.

Based on their astrology, this isn't surprising. Bell is a Cancer, which is quite an emotional sign, whereas Capricorns like Shepard aren't usually the warm and cuddly type. "​​The Goat and the Crab can balance one another out — or drive each other up a wall," astrologer Maressa Brown writes for InStyle, adding that Caps are pragmatic while Cancers are mushy. Still, she says, "Both are interested in putting in the work to create a lasting, secure partnership, so if they are equally invested, they'll find common ground."

Shepard and Bell are nothing if not hard-working when it comes to their relationship. "​​We are opposites and it has taken a tremendous amount of work and therapy for us to coexist," Shepard told Us Weekly in 2017. Maybe they attended a couples astrology session.

Libras like Will Smith can be indecisive, which can drive a Virgo like Jada Smith nuts

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are perhaps the only celeb couple who rival Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard when it comes to divulging intimate details about their marriage. The state of their marriage became gossip fodder back in 2020 when actor August Alsina spilled about his affair with Jada in an interview with Angela Yee. And thanks to Will's memoir and Jada's no-holds-barred talk show, "Red Table Talk," the revelations just keep coming.

But for people who love astrology, it's no surprise that their relationship is unconventional. "Airy" Libras like Will are "charming social butterfl[ies] with expensive taste," per Bustle astrology writer Kristine Fellizar, while Jada the Virgo is more likely to be "mature, practical, and reserved." She adds, "It won't always be easy, but these two can make it work."

And the Smiths seem to realize this. Will told GQ, "​​We have given each other trust and freedom, with the belief that everybody has to find their own way. And marriage for us can't be a prison. The experiences that the freedoms that we've given one another and the unconditional support, to me, is the highest definition of love." As long as it works for them!

A mushy Pisces like Justin Bieber and a flighty Sagittarius like Hailey Bieber could be a recipe for disaster

Pisceans like Justin Bieber need a lot of loving attention, similar to Jessica Biel in her marriage. Hailey Bieber seems to provide Justin with all of the support he needs. In a 2019 tribute to her on Instagram, he wrote, "​​You have walked hand and hand with me as I continue to get my emotions, mind, body and soul in tact! You have given me so much strength, support, encouragement and joy."

It sounds like Hailey is Justin's rock — but this contradicts her Sagittarian nature. As a Sagittarius, Hailey is supposed to be ice cold, according to her zodiac chart. "​​While Pisces is sensitive and tender, Sagittarius is the type to not be concerned about how others feel," explains astrology writer January Nelson on Thought Catalog. Nelson adds that these two signs have incredible bedroom chemistry, which might explain the Biebers' seemingly capricious courthouse wedding: Justin was committed to celibacy outside marriage, so they couldn't get busy until they were legally united, per Vogue.

Even if their sex life is the star of the show, Justin and Hailey seem to be in it for the long haul. "​We're committed to growing together and supporting each other in those changes," Hailey told Vogue. "That's how I look at it. At the end of the day, too, he's my best friend. I never get sick of him."

Responsible Virgo Cameron Diaz doesn't seem bothered by Benji Madden's Piscean emotional overdrive

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are one of Hollywood's most private couples. As of this writing, they have yet to publish a picture of their daughter, who was born in January 2020. But we do know the couple's birth signs. Madden is a mushy, emotional Pisces, while Diaz is a grounded and serious Virgo in real life, despite her illustrious track record in comedy films.

"Pisces and Virgo are opposite each other in the zodiac, and their ideas about relationships are opposite too," astrologer Stina Garbis told Bustle. "Mutable watery Pisces is all about letting go, going with the flow, and merging with their partner, while mutable, earthy Virgo wants boundaries, control, and to put the relationship in a box."

Despite their apparent incompatibility and Diaz's alleged Virgo iciness, she has gushed about her husband and their marriage on many occasions. "​​He makes me proud every day," she wrote on Instagram in 2016, per Vanity Fair. "One day it might be how generous and giving, another how gentle and thoughtful. Or when he is fiercely protective of the people he loves and cares about. And [every] single day I am so incredibly proud of his integrity as a human being." Wow. The rest of their charts must be 100% in sync.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is a fiery Aries and Freddie Prinze Jr. is a more emotional Cancer

Freddie Prinze Jr. is a Cancer, symbolized by the crab that stays protected by its hard shell. Sarah Michelle Gellar, meanwhile, is an Aries. Her sign is ruled by Mars, the god of war, so she's supposedly more up for a fight than her husband — and their signs' placement on the zodiac wheel "creates tension and forces action," astrologer Dana DeFranco told Bustle.

But like the Biebers, these two have insane sexual compatibility going for them. "​​This tension is what keeps Aries driven to break down the seemingly insurmountable fortresses that Cancer builds around their tender hearts," DeFranco said.

Considering Gellar and Prinze have been together since 2000, something is working. Gellar told Us Weekly of the effort it takes to sustain their marriage, "You have to call and check in and dedicate that time, and most people aren't willing to put that work in." So although marriage might not always be a cakewalk for these two '90s heartthrobs, they're not the types to give up on their relationship easily. 

When both partners are aloof Aquarians, it can be tough to keep romance alive — but Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are doing great

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been going strong since their 2008 marriage despite one glaring issue: They were both born under the sign of Aquarius, which should make them a less than ideal pair.

Aquarians can be "a hard code to crack," astrology expert Samantha Maffucci wrote in an Elite Daily piece. "​​Problems can arise between two individuals who are mentally strong and intellectual." But because they're both so intellectual, these two can understand each other like no other.

De Rossi told Entertainment Tonight of their marriage, "We're just really good friends and we talk about everything, and we never ever, ever lie to each other, like, not even the tiniest lies. And she's the only person I want to hang out with. She is my best friend and I just want to be with her all the time." This sounds like the absolute best-case scenario for a double-Aquarius pairing.