Did The Rock Already Destroy His Political Career With This Secret Friendship?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has made a name for himself in recent years as one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, having starred in numerous movies and TV shows. He also works with many charities and likes to please his fans, E! News reported. Because of his down-to-earth personality and charm, many have considered Johnson fitting to become president of the United States, with one poll showing that 46% of Americans would have some interest in him holding the Oval Office, per Vanity Fair. In that same Vanity Fair interview, Johnson demurred a bit about becoming president, but he also hasn't ruled it out. And Johnson's popularity doesn't seem to be dimming.

On December 7, Johnson won the People's Champion Award at the People's Choice Awards, honoring his work with fans and the kindness he has shown throughout his career. In fact, proving just how much he deserved the award, after his speech — in which he thanked Muhammad Ali, who was the original "People's Champion," for allowing Johnson to use the title himself — Johnson invited up a Make-A-Wish recipient to join him on the stage. Johnson spoke a little about her, whom he only named Shushana, per E! News. Johnson stated that meeting Shushana inspired him and ultimately gave her his award.

However, some fans believe Johnson may have already ruined his political career at the PCAs on December 7, and it's all thanks to this surprising friendship.

Wait, "The Rock" is friends with Jeff Bezos?

One of the most surprising parts of the 2021 People's Choice Awards was the presenter who introduced Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's People's Champion award — Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder and billionaire made an unannounced appearance at the show to talk about "his friend" Johnson and speak about the kindness the actor has shown throughout his career — an irony that didn't get overlooked by some fans. "The irony of jeff bezos talking about how giving the Rock is when bezos is literally sucking his employees dry," one user wrote. Others were shocked when Johnson called Bezos his tequila drinking buddy. "Nothing makes sense anymore," another penned.

And although Bezos and Johnson's friendship might be authentic, some fans took the Amazon founder's introduction of The Rock as a sign that the two are going into politics together, which didn't land well. "@TheRock after tonight! You will NEVER GET MY VOTE!!!" one passionate user tweeted. "Jeff Bezos on this award show is the most uncanny valley sh*t I've ever seen. Is he going to try and run for President with The Rock as his VP. I think he is," another wrote.

Guess only time will tell whether Johnson's political aspirations will lead him to the presidency and whether Bezos will be by his side.