Tamron Hall Admits She Stole A Slimming Secret From Kim Kardashian

Tamron Hall is living her best life these days. Her daytime talk show, "Tamron Hall," was renewed in November in a two-year deal, according to WABC-TV. ABC News President Kim Godwin had nothing but praise to give Hall, stating that she is "a trusted and accomplished journalist and an outstanding talk show host." She added that Hall is "a breath of fresh air" and that she "approaches every topic on her show with heart and soul." The news network is "delighted" to move forward for another two years.

If that wasn't enough, the news broadcaster also released her debut crime novel, "As the Wicked Watch: The First Jordan Manning Novel," in late October. The book tells the story of a journalist who works to discover the identity of a serial killer terrorizing Black women in Chicago, as per Google Books. Shortly after the release of the novel, Hall took to Instagram to post a photo set of the book alongside a sweet message thanking her fans for their support. She wrote, "my heart is so full from seeing the #TamFam with my new book!!" Hall's fan base, affectionately known as the "TamFam," expressed how much they loved the book in the comments section.

In the wake of the success of her book, Hall has been giving a number of interviews. In one such interview with the DailyMailTV this week, the Emmy-award-winning host dished on her celebrity role models and revealed which style secret she has adopted from socialite Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian's slimming secret requires sacrifice on comfort

The slimming secret that Tamron Hall stole from television personality Kim Kardashian requires wearing two pairs of Spanx, which the news broadcaster told the DailyMailTV this week, per Daily Mail. Hall says that although she's been experimenting with the trick, "it's not fun." While she didn't expand on why, anyone who has ever worn one pair of Spanx can likely imagine how much more uncomfortable two pairs would be. 

Kardashian opened up about her shapewear secrets in an interview with Elle in 2015, revealing that the reason she double layers her Spanx is that "it holds you in." This was especially relevant when she was pregnant, given the raging hormones and body weight fluctuations. Even this A-lister deals with insecurities around her body and doesn't always feel great in her skin regardless of whatever fabulous outfit she's wearing. In these moments, wearing two pairs of Spanx is a way to make her feel more comfortable.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star shared her favorite shapewear shorts on her app for anyone who, like Hall, wants to replicate her slimming secret, per Us Weekly. She explained that the way she layers them is "one pair ... after the other, and if there's a longer pair, I always put those on first." She added one last tip, which is to aim for two shapers of the same length to avoid multiple "visible seams." Her favorite length is at the knee or just past it.