Why Chrishell Stause Threatened To Take Legal Action Against Christine Quinn

Chrishell Stause's status on the hit show "Selling Sunset" is soaring to new heights. That's especially true after her hot relationship with the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim, is overtaking social media by storm. "We worked so well together, so I think it's just one of those things," Chrishell said about Jason to Elle. "We became best friends and no matter what happens in the future, whether that's aligned or not, I think that we'll always have that friendship. That's what felt safe about sharing it with people, because I didn't have that fear, because this is real life."

Even though all of this good is happening in her life, Chrishell also had experienced some bad as well. Her relationship with her co-worker, the reality star also on "Selling Sunset," Christine Quinn, is basically non-existent. Ever since Chrishell joined The Oppenheim Group for "Selling Sunset" in Season 1, "she was determined to ruffle feathers" according to Elle. However, Christine told Us Magazine on March 6 that the two TV enemies are cordial enough for work. "Chrishell [and I] mainly have a professional relationship, we kind of keep it at that," Christine said. "I don't really see her in the office that much, but, you know, we keep it professional."

Chrishell may disagree with that sentiment, though. At one point, she was thinking about taking legal action against Christine, due to Christine spreading false information about her life.

Christine 'tried to plant' false stories about Chrishell

Chrishell Stause was blunt when she told Vulture on December 5 the reason why she and Christine Quinn could've seen the inside of a courtroom. "I'd rather just be honest and tell you: She tried to plant a false story when I was going through my divorce [with ex-husband Justin Hartley] and I had to have both sides confirm that it wasn't true and then threaten legal action," Chrishell said. Chrishell also mentioned that Christine allegedly was spreading rumors about her relationship during a sensitive time in her life: immediately after her mom died in 2020. "It was a lot on my plate and kicking someone while they're down and trying to spread a rumor that I was hooking up with someone," Chrishell said. "Both parties knew that is not what happened."

Even though the story never saw the light of day, the betrayal still stung Chrishell. "I had to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees and this isn't the first time I dealt with something on this level," Chrishell said. "She did it again recently, trying to say that me and [boyfriend] Jason [Oppenheim] were happening before, and it's just not true." Chrishell and Christine have not seen eye to eye since the show, "Selling Sunset," debuted in 2019. "I don't think it's a secret, you know, we're not friends," Chrishell told Us Magazine in June. "But I think the goal is to be able to be coworkers."