Adam Busby Shares New Update On Hazel's Vision

Fans of "OutDaughtered" have been following the Busby family since TLC debuted their family's reality television series in 2016, which follows Danielle and Adam Busby along with their eldest daughter, Blayke, and quintuplets. As TLC detailed, the five girls were born at 28 weeks in April 2015, and they are the only set of all-girl American quintuplets.

Since the beginning, quint Hazel stood out from her siblings. She was the smallest when the girls were born, weighing only 2 pounds, and she's the only one with red hair. She also has congenital nystagmus, an eye condition, which has required surgeries and regular checkups. As Adam explained early on in "OutDaughtered," Hazel's condition meant her eyes often fluttered involuntarily. Until she had her first surgery, she would "look off to the left, and force her eyes to the right corner, so she could focus," as he detailed. Danielle noted the flutter was reduced after the first surgery but shared Hazel would always have nystagmus. Later, it was determined her left eye had astigmatism, which can cause "blurred distance and near vision," Mayo Clinic.

Hazel continues to wear glasses and has continued with her doctor visits, even having one over Zoom during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, Hazel's doctor said a potential second surgery might be required, but she's in the clear for now. Of course, Hazel has come a long way since that first surgery, and now her dad's new Instagram update proves she's doing better than ever.

Hazel Busby rocked her latest vision check

On December 7, "OutDaughtered" star Adam Busby shared an adorable photo of his daughter Hazel on Instagram. He explained they had trekked to Austin, Texas, from their home in Houston to do one of her regular vision checks. Adam gushed about how his "little rockstar crushed" the visit and joked, "I think she sees better than I do at this point." The photo showed Hazel perched on the chair in the office as she made a peace sign with one hand while she rocked her light-colored glass frames.

Adam's Instagram followers went wild over his update. Nearly 70,000 people liked it in less than 24 hours, and hundreds of "OutDaughtered" fans commented about how adorable Hazel looked. "So happy to hear the wonderful news! Hazel is such a beautiful and courageous little girl!" one fan wrote. "We love you princess Hazel!" encouraged another. "She looks way too grown up already," someone else noted as they added a tearful emoji. 

Of course, Hazel's improved vision is amazing news not only to her family but to supporters, too. And we can only assume they'll keep checking Adam and Danielle's updates to see how she's doing.