Eva Longoria's TV daughter doesn't look like this anymore

It's been years since both Eva Longoria and her TV daughter graced our TV screens on Desperate Housewives. And while the already-famous Longoria has managed to stay in the spotlight with roles in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Telenovela, her on-set kiddo has largely avoided the public eye despite some huge ties to the entertainment industry. And, as could be expected, the youngster who played the defiant, often hilarious Juanita Solis on the iconic ABC drama for four years has grown up.

The actress behind the character, Madison De La Garza, is no longer just Longoria's precocious TV daughter. Having moved on to other projects, she now sports a whole new look and has become nearly unrecognizable to her former fans.

Keep reading to peep De La Garza's changed appearance and to find out just what the TV star has been up to since her days on Wisteria Lane. What you learn may surprise you.

Desperate Housewives changed her life

During a 2012 interview with My San Antonio, De La Garza said her experience on the show changed her life. "I have so many good memories, but probably the best times were joking around with Eva and Ricardo [Chavira, her TV dad]," De La Garza said, adding, "Ricardo—he's so sweet to me. I always looked forward to working with him. He talks to me like a daughter." 

At times, De La Garza said the job and the fame that came with it was "intense," but she's grateful to her fans. "People would walk up to me and ask, 'Are you that girl in Desperate Housewives?' It freaked me out at first. Now I know how lucky I am to have people recognize me like that. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy," she said.

She's Demi Lovato's half-sister

Though there is a nine-year age gap between Madison De La Garza and pop star Demi Lovato, the half-sisters couldn't be closer. Over the years, De La Garza and Lovato have shared the stage, the screen, and the fight against online bullies. In an interview with Seventeen, a then-13-year-old De La Garza talked about a time when Lovato came to her defense. 

De La Garza shared that after she was cruelly called "a hunchback" on Twitter, "Demi freaked and direct-messaged people to yell at them, and she tweeted at her followers to stand up for me." But the sister support goes both ways. 

In fact, Lovato credits De La Garza with helping her overcome her addictions to drugs and alcohol, telling Access Hollywood that it was during an intervention that her mom told her, "You know, we're going to move back to Texas and you're not going to be able to be around you're little sister." Just the idea of not being around De La Garza was reportedly enough to motivate Lovato to make major changes in her lifestyle.

Twitter isn't great for famous kids

Unfortunately, the "hunchback" incident on Vine wasn't the only time De La Garza was a victim of online bullies. In an essay for Latina (via The Huffington Post), she revealed that as young as age 6, she was "being called 'fat,' 'ugly,' and 'slut' on Twitter." Why a 6-year-old was on Twitter is a mystery to us, too, but that's no excuse for that kind of awful treatment. 

Naturally, De La Garza was deeply affected by it. "Their opinions turned into my insecurity — and suddenly I was aware of every meal, every outfit, every post on social media. However, every day it gets easier to accept myself for me instead of the labels they had put on me," she writes. 

She was a Belieber

Even though De La Garza was already a celebrity in her own right, that didn't stop her from adorably fangirling over pop star Justin Bieber during a red carpet interview at the premiere of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010). In this clip of the adorable moment, De La Garza tries to keep it professional, stressing how impressed she is with Bieber's talent before finally giving in and agreeing with the interviewer that, yes, he is, indeed, "super cute." 

It's nice to know even celebrities aren't immune to having an embarrassing stash of childhood videos for a parent to whip out at just the right moment for maximum humiliation, and no, we're not speaking from experience about our 15th birthday party. Why would you ask that? 

She uses social media wisely

With more than half a million followers on both her Instagram and Twitter pages, De La Garza has cultivated her stardom into a loyal fanbase. Like any teen, her pages are filled with selfies and group photos with friends, and of course, adorable throwback family pics like the one of her and Demi (above) that she posted to celebrate her big sis' birthday. De La Garza also uses her platform to promote causes she supports, such as The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to have an official Facebook page, so either kids are too cool for that now, or she reads all of her grumpy older relatives' political gripes elsewhere. 

She's flexing her industry muscles on YouTube

When Desperate Housewives concluded in 2012, De La Garza moved on to roles on a few short-lived show, including Bad Teacher (2014), a TV adaptation of the 2011 movie; and Muertoons (2014-15), a cartoon that takes place in a world where "every day is Día de los Muertos [The Day of the Dead]." 

She also staked a claim in the emerging world of new media. She relaunched her YouTube channel, declaring aspirations in many fields: acting, directing, producing, writing, as even special effects makeup. Her videos range from makeup tutorials to Q&As to confessional-style stories, and as of this writing, her most recent upload at the time of this writing is The Imbalancing Act, a short film that De La Garza wrote — at just 15-years-old, that is all kinds of impressive. 

Though she didn't get the music bug, De La Garza is following in the footsteps of both her TV family–actor/director/producer Longoria–and her real family — triple-threat Lovato — to create her own multi-faceted path in the entertainment biz. 

Does she have a future with Cirque du Soleil?

What exactly is aerial gymnastics? Good question. It's that Cirque du Soleil-type of stuff where people use big drapes hanging from the ceiling to flip around and spin, all while somehow not barfing everywhere. It's very impressive, and De La Garza definitely loves it. Of her acrobatic pastime, she said, "No. 1: I just have a passion for it. It's so fun, and it's a great workout, and No. 2: it's awesome. No one says that they're a circus performer. That's just so cool." 

Technically, circus performers would say that they're circus performers, but that's beside the point. De La Garza has been at this for years. Her mom even posted a video of her performing a routine set to Demi Lovato's "Nightengale" to YouTube in 2013. 

A stylish Sweet 16

In December 2017, De La Garza celebrated her birthday with a sweet 16 bash attended by her closest friends and family, including, of course, big sis Demi Lovato. According to People, Lovato shared the festivities on Snapchat, which included "a three-tiered blue confection from Cold Stone Creamery," as well as dancing to the hottest current tunes.

The starlet sisters used the occasion to show off their hip fashion sense with Lovato sporting "a lacy black bra-top and navy and gold-striped blazer," and De La Garza rocking "a sleeveless silk white romper with plunging neckline and removable sheer skirt." Teen Vogue also reported that De La Garza kept it very on-trend by pairing her twinkling tiara with Millennial Pink eyeshadow.

De La Garza commemorated the occasion with a bunch of Instagram photos, like the one above that she captioned, "i've never felt so blessed having all the people i love in one big room… thank you for the best Sweet 16 ever!" Aw!

Prom 2K18

In May 2018, De La Garza marked another teenage milestone when she attended the prom with her classmate and fellow actor, Reed Shannon. According to The Daily Mail, the two aspiring star teens attend Brighton Hall, an exclusive, "private college preparatory school in Burbank" that costs $14,500 per year to attend and only has "98 students and eight teachers."

While De La Garza is an active member of the Brighton Hall's student council, even using her large social media presence to promote the student government's awareness efforts and fundraiser for global clean water, on prom night it was all fun. De La Garza shared several cute moments from the evening on her Instagram, like traditional group photos of friends all snazzed up for the occasion, while Shannon got a little risque when he shared a video of himself stealing a smooch on the cheek from his date. Sounds like these two had a blast!