Celebs Who Can't Stand Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is honest to a fault. She's open about her struggles with bulimia, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and drug addictions. She's also open about her views on everything from mental health to feminism to politics. The only real problem with Lovato's honesty is that, while it's admirable and has earned her millions of devoted "Lovatics," her outspoken nature has made her quite a few enemies along the way.

From her unfiltered nature in interviews to her occasional Twitter tirades, Lovato will always let you know how she's feeling. And in the case of these stars, well, they weren't too happy to hear about it ... but it's safe to say that Lovato's response to these bitter celebrities would probably just be, "Sorry, not sorry." In fact, she once said after a particularly tetchy time, "I get asked questions. I answer them. Sue me ... still not apologizing for saying what everyone wants to say."

Squad commander and Selena Gomez thief Taylor Swift

Lovato has had on-again, off-again beef with Taylor Swift since 2010, when she made it clear that Swift usurped her as Selena Gomez's bestie. Since then, she's shaded the "Bad Blood" singer numerous times, most famously in February 2016 when she slammed Swift's $250,000 donation to Kesha.

Lovato wrote on Instagram (via Us Weekly), "Not everyone has 250k to just give to people. Would love to but I didn't grow up with money and def haven't made as much as her. At least I speak up about s**t that's uncomfortable to talk about rather than trying to be politically correct 24/7 ... I'm just tired of seeing women use 'women empowerment' and 'feminism' to further brands without actually being the ones that have the uncomfortable conversations."

That May, Lovato shaded Swift again to Refinery 29. "There are women that I don't get along with, and that's fine ... Don't brand yourself a feminist if you don't do the work."

By November 2016, Lovato was still salty about Swift, telling Glamour, "I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that's not women's empowerment."

Swift hasn't said anything about Lovato, but she's reportedly not a fan. A source close Swift told E! News, "[Swift] thought it was unnecessary for [Lovato] to make those comments. They both have never been really good friends."

Not-so-nice Nicki Minaj

Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj were both Moschino designer Jeremy Scott's guests at the 2016 Met Gala. Afterward, Minaj posted a photo with Lovato and Scott but only tagged Scott. Lovato then lashed out on social media, writing, "When you aren't mentioned in a post but didn't do s**t to the person..." She then posted her own photo of Minaj glaring at her on the red carpet, writing, "This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last met #cool #sof**kingawkward #notforme #sweatpants #forensicfiles #whatsgood." She later added, "P.S. some of y'all need to learn how to take a joke. I'm obviously laughing at the fact that 1. I look awkward and 2. That the shade being thrown in this picture actually gives me life."

In March 2018, Lovato told Billboard of the 2016 gala, "I had a terrible experience." She explained, "This one celebrity was a complete b***h and was miserable to be around ... It was very cliquey. I remember being so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink. I changed my clothes, but I still had my diamonds on — millions of dollars of diamonds at an AA meeting. I related more to the homeless people in that meeting who struggled with the same struggles that I deal with than the people at the Met Gala — fake and sucking the fashion industry's d**k."

Minaj hasn't addressed the alleged beef, but we have a feeling a mean mixtape track may be in the works.

Queen Of Shade Mariah Carey

In June 2016, Lovato ignited a feud with the Queen Of Shade herself, Mariah Carey. Lovato commented on a meme comparing Carey favorably to Ariana Grande, writing (via Page Six), "You got it the wrong way around honey ... Mariah is a legend and so talented but constantly disses people. It's nasty the way she treats Jennifer [Lopez]. Ari did nothing wrong ... This is why I posted what I did. Jen keeps it classy but I'm not afraid to say s**t. The woman is mean for no reason. Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely."

Lovato referred to Carey's ongoing feud with Jennifer Lopez, of whom Carey made the infamous "I don't know her" comment.

Andy Cohen brought up Lovato's remarks on Watch What Happens Live in December 2016, and Carey wasn't amused. "I don't know her either and so I wouldn't say anything to her," Carey snapped. "She should come up, introduce herself to me, say, 'Here's my opinion, what do you think about it?' That's how you handle s**t, OK?"

Professional troll Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton lashed out at Lovato in a July 2016 Twitter spree, calling her "petty af." Prior to his remarks, Lovato and Hilton had appeared friendly (he even appeared in her "Really Don't Care" video in 2014).

"@ddlovato sent me a DM on Twitter upset that I liked some tweets about @MariahCarey that she was tagged in," he wrote. "I'm nice to the people I feel deserve me being nice to. I'm done being fake with @ddlovato."

He then posted screencaps of a direct message conversation with Lovato in which she tells him to quit liking mean tweets about her beef with Mariah Carey. In response, he called her a hypocrite for liking mean tweets about Taylor Swift.

Hilton was later seen at one of Lovato's March 2018 concerts. She later tweeted of the show, "The other night I got to sing 'SNS' ['Sorry Not Sorry'] directly to one of USA's most notorious bullies. It felt so f**king great. That's what the song is all about! Sorry not sorry that you were in the audience watching me kill it ... He's remaining nameless because he doesn't have the relevance he doesn't deserve anymore."

Hilton responded with a petty video calling Lovato a bully, moaning, "Demi Lovato has a lot of issues. From her bipolar issue, to her addiction issue, substance abuse, to her food issues, to her place in Hollywood. She's not Taylor Swift. She's not Selena Gomez. And it must not be easy for her."

D-list diva Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin's beef with Lovato seemed to begin in 2014, when she tweeted that "Debbie Lovato" was the "biggest douche celebrity" she'd ever met, adding, "Plus she should calm the F down about Lady Gaga getting barfed on." (Lovato, who struggled with bulimia, had previously spoken out about Gaga's use of vomit during a SXSW concert that year.)

Lovato then tweeted and deleted a selfie she'd taken while making a grossed out face with Griffin in the background, writing (via E! News), "Only a douche to people I can't stand." Griffin then began complaining that Lovatics were bullying her and began retweeting their messages.

Three years later, when Griffin came under fire for a controversial Donald Trump-themed photoshoot, Lovato had the last laugh at the comedienne's expense. After Griffin's sobbing press conference about the pictorial, Lovato tweeted, "I find it funny when bullies play the victims ... Oops, I spilled my tea." She also liked a tweet her mother, Dianna De La Garza, posted that read, "So @KathyGriffin states she will continue making fun of people, kinda like she made fun of my daughter @ddlovato for going into treatment."

Bisexual beauty Halsey

Lovato, who identifies as sexually fluid and has said she'd be open to dating either a man or a woman, briefly beefed with openly bisexual singer Halsey.

In June 2017, Halsey told Paper magazine, "[I don't like that] bisexuality [is seen] as a taboo: 'Don't tell your mom,' or 'We shouldn't do this,' or 'This feels so wrong but it's so right.'" Many rightfully interpreted it as a reference to Lovato's hit 2015 song "Cool For The Summer," in which she sings about lusting after another girl and includes the lyric "Don't tell your mother" in the hook.

Lovato responded on Twitter, "You know a song is a hit when people are still talking about the lyrics two years later. #shhhhdonttellyourmother."

Halsey then tweeted and deleted a series of missives directed at Lovato, including one that read (via NME), "Thanks for the text back that everything is all good and you know what I meant, but keep letting the press drag me in your benefit." However, the pair seemed to have buried the hatchet by the end of July 2017 when Lovato posted a selfie with Halsey, who she called "this beauty."

Blabbermouth Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, who briefly dated Lovato during their Camp Rock era in 2010, insinuated that she and Miley Cyrus were bad influences on him in their Disney heyday. He wrote in Vulture in 2013,  "The first time I smoked weed was with Demi and Miley. I must have been 17 or 18. They kept saying, 'Try it! Try it!' so I gave it a shot, and it was all right. I don't even smoke weed that often anymore."

He also wrote of his relationship with Lovato and her first trip to rehab in late 2010.

"We had been friends forever, we were both Disney kids, and because we played a couple in the Camp Rock Disney Channel specials — and fans liked seeing us together — we eventually dated for a month," he wrote. "I really got to know her and got to see the ins and outs of what she was struggling with, like drug abuse. I felt like I needed to take care of her, but at the same time I was living a lie, because I wasn't happy but felt like I had to stay in it for her, because she needed help. I couldn't express any of that, of course, because I had a brand to protect."

While he insisted in his editorial that he didn't harbor any resentment towards her, and they remain on friendly terms, but dang — he sure didn't mind selling Lovato out.

Stalker Sarah

Celebrity superfan "Stalker Sarah" ignited a bitter feud with Lovato in April 2016. Vice reported that the beef began when Sarah posted a photo with Lovato on Instagram, writing, "Having a blast at @dallaslovatome's showcase with my girl @ddlovato ... So proud of my babes." She also mentioned Lovato's younger sister, Madison De La Garza, several times on her own account.

Lovato reportedly commented, "I'm not your f**king 'girl.' If I was you wouldn't be asking for pictures. You STALK PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. We are NOT FRIENDS...GET A JOB... THIS IS MY 14 YEAR OLD BABY SISTER... SHE'S NOT YOUR BABE ... my family is not afraid to press charges ... you are a leech ... This girl has no regard for anyone's well-being but her own."

Fans debated whether or not Lovato's messages were fake, but Sarah herself seemed to dub them real. She tweeted a screencap of a direct message from Lovato's sister Dallas, who wrote, "Sarah, I am so sorry about what's going on... I'm so disgusted I can't tell you how embarrassed I am for what's gone on." Parts of the message were blurred, so it's unclear exactly what went down ... but chances are Stalker Sarah isn't going to stalk Lovato anymore.

Lawsuit-ready Sleigh Bells

In April 2016, indie band Sleigh Bells accused Lovato of copying their 2010 songs "Infinity Guitars" and "Riot Rhythm" for her Confident track "Stars," tweeting, "Demi Lovato flattered you guys sampled 'Infinity Guitars' and 'Riot Rhythm' for 'Stars' but we were not contacted. Gotta clear those."

The band sued Lovato and her producers on the track for copyright infringement. The Hollywood Reporter obtained a copy of the lawsuit, which read in part, "A comparison of the two songs reveals that, at the very least, the combination of the hand claps and bass drum, structured as 3 quarter beats and a rest, with the bass drum providing a counter-rhythm to the hand claps, is at least substantially similar in both works. This infringing material repeats throughout the Defendants' song."

The songs are remarkably similar in their instrumentals, but this beef was a bit of an unfair one. Billboard reported that Lovato's producers denied she was involved in producing the music for the track, though she did contribute to the lyrics. Her production team eventually settled the claim out of court, but the band never apologized for unjustly calling out Lovato.

Aging pop star Pink

Pink wasn't impressed with the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, where Lovato performed "Cool For The Summer."

Pink wrote on her private Instagram account after the show (via Us Weekly), "I felt embarrassed and sad ... I felt sad because music is supposed to inspire. It saved my life. This trash won't save any kids life. In a world that is even scarier and with lives still worth saving, who will stand up and have soul? Disenfranchised to say the least ... Let down by my industry and peers. Beside Macklemore and Pharrell [Williams] and [Justin] Bieber (pre sob fest) and The Weeknd, Tori Kelly was dope too. The rest was gross and embarrassing and hard for this aging pop star to believe."

When followers took Pink's comments as shade toward Lovato, she added, "Please look for a feud elsewhere. I have no issue with Demi Lovato or anyone else. I actually forgot she performed." Pretty sure that's shade, Pink!

Lovato didn't take the criticism lightly. "'Cool For The Summer' may not 'save kid's lives' or 'inspire' but I'd say 'Skyscraper' & 'Warrior' have done a pretty good job of helping people cope with mental illness," she tweeted. "VMAs are sexy and fun. There's a time and place for everything."

An irritated Pink then tweeted, "Anything about Demi Lovato or called out anyone. I was talking to a friend in response to his disappointment about the show. I agree with him."


Demi Lovato beefed with fellow Disney darling Zendaya way back in 2013. M magazine reported that Lovato criticized Disney for including an eating disorder joke in an episode of Zendaya's then-show on the network, Shake It Up, adding, "And is it just me or are the actress' getting THINNER AND THINNER ... I miss the days of RAVEN, and LIZZIE MCGUIRE ... Dear Disney Channel, EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT."

Zendaya herself didn't comment, but her father did, tweeting, "@ddlovato my daughter looks up to you and admires you greatly ... How about apologizing for all the hate you just sent my daughter's way? You shouldn't have commented on her being too skinny ... practice what you preach ... You've never even met her and you commented on her. She is healthy, not too skinny ... [talking] about what Disney said is one thing but when you commented on her body type you did exactly what they did."

Lovato then apologized, but it wasn't the first time she slighted Zendaya to promote her own idea of body positivity. In 2015 when Zendaya was honored with her very own Barbie doll, instead of congratulating Zendaya on the honor, Lovato tweeted, "Hey @Barbie, what about a curvy doll or one with true to size measurements? I'll model!"

Girl, come on.