The Real Reason Camilla Parker Bowles Gets Fed Up With Prince Charles

Remember the days before Netflix when shows would air episodes week after week? Remember the dread of seeing a cliffhanger and having to wait seven whole days to find out what happens next? Well, it turns out us regular folk aren't the only ones who fell victim to such, as the royal family also shares this exact struggle.

Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of Prince Charles, had long had an affinity for entertainment — a trait she shares with her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. In fact, the queen has reportedly developed such a sweet tooth for TV that she was recently left "knackered" after her habits got the best of her, per the Daily Mail. In October, sources claimed the queen was left feeling such amidst her hectic schedule of touring and public engagements.

That, however, didn't stop her from relentless late-night viewings of British police procedural "Line of Duty" and watching tennis prodigy Emma Raducanu demolish the competition at the US Open. Our best guess, though? It's hard to yank any royal away from their chosen form of leisure, even the Duchess of Cornwall — just ask Prince Charles!

Don't disturb Camilla Parker Bowles when she listens to 'The Archers'

Let's face it — the height of the COVID-19 pandemic really put a pin in most of our favorite art forms. The production of shows like "Stranger Things," "South Park," and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" were all affected by the infectious disease. Concerts were doomed, and sporting events went crowdless for the majority of 2020. Regardless, when the world was locked down, what did we all turn to? That's right — entertainment!

Whether it was television, music, sports, or your preferred form of entertainment, we all bore the brunt of having COVID-19 disrupt our favorite life leisures. Camilla Parker-Bowles is no exception. In fact, she would get "quite ratty" when bothered by hubby Prince Charles during her listening sessions of BBC radio show, "The Archers," according to Express.

The duchess recently opened up about her love for the program to the staff of the show and noted that it has been a "faithful companion for a large part of [her] life." She told staffers, "For as long as I can remember, I have loved this programme," adding elsewhere that "Like many other Archers addicts, I have been known to become quite ratty if disturbed between 7pm and 7.15pm." During the height of the pandemic, "The Archers" operated under a reduced schedule and featured one-way conversations. "[L]ike thousands of others, [I] had severe withdrawal symptoms when you all but disappeared during lockdown," Camilla quipped.