Cynthia Nixon Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Her Future In Politics

Cynthia Nixon has finally made up her mind as to what she wants to do next in her political career. The "Sex and the City" actor, who is currently busy with the reboot "And Just Like That...," lost against Andrew Cuomo in the 2018 New York gubernatorial election. At the time, she said that decided to run because she didn't want the city she loved so much to be run by politicians who are hungry for power.

"I've never wanted to live anywhere else. But something has to change. We want our government to work again — on health care, ending mass incarceration, fixing our broken subway," Nixon said in her announcement at the time. "We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us. It can't just be business as usual anymore."

And even though she lost her bid, she said she is not "discouraged," but "inspired." Following the results, Nixon tweeted, "We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state." She continued in another tweet, "This campaign changed expectations about what's possible in New York State. We moved issues of racial and economic justice to the forefront. We shined a light on inequality, and turned the media's attention to forgotten communities across this state." Now with the 2022 elections just around the corner, the actor is giving an update on her involvement in politics.

Cynthia Nixon has no plans to run for office again in 2022

While Cynthia Nixon's loss against Andrew Cuomo didn't deter her from continuing to fight for New York, she revealed that running for office again is no longer in the cards. "I ran for office against Andrew Cuomo because I didn't think he should be our governor, and nobody else would run or could run, because if you were in politics [he was a] notoriously vindictive man," the actor told Extra. "You couldn't run against him in politics... without having your career ended."

The good news is while she didn't get to be governor, she was still able to see her plans through, and for her, that's what matters. "Luckily, we ran and 90% of our platform has been enacted since we ran, and he is now out of office, so everything and more that I was hoping to be accomplished has been accomplished," she added.

While she is officially leaving the world of politics because she is "better disposed to get on television and in the newspapers," Nixon is optimistic that someone worthy will lead New York City for the better. "I know we will have a great challenger. I will be supporting whoever that challenger is," she told Variety in October 2020. "But I also think it would be really, really helpful to have a person of color."