The Real Reason Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Are Experiencing A Tough Time In Their Marriage

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are working on a new TV series, a prequel to the mega-hit "Yellowstone." The new project might be helping the celebrity couple with tough marriage problems. McGraw and Hill star in the "Yellowstone" prequel,"1883," which tells the Dutton family story. The new series shows how the Dutton pioneers traveled from Texas through the Great Plains to Montana and started the Yellowstone ranch that became an empire. McGraw and Hill play James Dutton and Margaret Dutton, the great-grandparents of John Dutton, who is played by Kevin Costner, per Parade. The "Yellowstone" prequel airs on the Paramount Network and has an all-star cast, including Tom Hanks, Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton, Isabel May, and the country music superstars.

Some fans thought Hill looked completely unrecognizable with her new look for the new Taylor Sheridan series.  The country music couple filmed "1883" in Montana, and their three daughters visited the set in October to celebrate Hill and McGraw's 25th wedding anniversary, per People. McGraw told People, "They are 'Yellowstone' fans and got to ride horses and watch us work together." McGraw explained, "I think they're pretty proud of it and it makes us happy that they can be excited about something we're doing together." The country music stars share three daughters: Gracie, 24; Maggie, 23; and Audrey, 20.

But work is not why McGraw and Hill are experiencing a tough time in their marriage. The real reason will break your heart — but many fans can relate to their problem.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are struggling as empty nesters

Don't worry, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's marriage is as strong as ever! However, the country music couple is struggling as empty nesters since each of their three daughters has left home. In a cover story for People, McGraw and Hill said they have had trouble getting used to the quiet since their youngest daughter left home earlier this year. "The Blind Side" actor told People, "You're used to getting up in the morning, taking kids to school, going to softball practices ... and cheerleader practices and all of a sudden all that's gone." 

McGraw told the outlet, "There were times when we had 15 teenage girls in our house talking about boys and life and everything going on. We're still a really close family ... But it's difficult when your kids leave. All of a sudden they don't need you as much anymore. And I think it's probably more difficult for Mom." Um, it sounds like McGraw might be missing his girls, too! But Hill reveals that it's hard to let the kids go. The country music singer told People, "Our job is to give them roots and wings. Sometimes that's an easier thing to say than others."

But working on the "Yellowstone" prequel "1883" has perks for the couple. Hill told Parade, "When I watch him, I'm in awe," she said. "This is his wheelhouse!" McGraw told Parade that after a recent scene, "I walked away going, 'Damn, my wife is good.'"