Kristin Davis Slams Criticism Over Her Appearance

A lot had changed for the characters of "Sex and the City" between the last time they were on film and the launch of the series reboot "And Just Like That." During the first episode of the HBO Max series, Kristin Davis's Charlotte York addresses the gray hair of Cynthia Nixon's Miranda Hobbes while the two are at lunch. "I just think the gray ages you," Charlotte blurts out (via Today). "I mean, we can't just stay who we were, right?" Miranda responds. "And there are more important issues in the world than trying to look young."

Having Miranda sport gray locks was a conscious choice from "And Just Like That" showrunner, Michael Patrick King. He noted how many women could not get dye jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, eventually leading some to embrace the gray look. King wanted that experience reflected in the show and thought Nixon's character was the perfect candidate. "So if it was going to be one of the women, we think it would be Miranda," Nixon recalled King telling her while appearing on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on December 8.

There were fans who disparaged the actors' aging, and that did not go unnoticed by the cast. Sarah Jessica Parker took issue with the response to a character sporting gray hair. "There's so much misogynist chatter in response to us that would never. Happen. About. A. Man," she said in a cover story for Vogue from November 7. Her co-star Davis also took umbrage with the trolling comments from fans.

Kristin Davis fires back at trolls

Although Kristin Davis is a seasoned "Sex and the City" performer, she was still surprised by the scrutiny her and her "And Just Like That" co-stars endured from the media and fans alike. "Everyone wants to comment, pro or nay or whatever, on our hair and our faces and our this and our that. The level of intensity of it was a shock," she told the Sunday Times on December 12. The actor said being critiqued for her appearance was nothing new, and dated back to the original run of "SATC." "They would write articles every week about how I was 'pear-shaped,'" Davis continued.

Starring on a hit show in the age of social media was a whole different animal for Davis who typically tries her best to avoid reading comments. "I feel angry and I don't want to feel angry all the time, so I don't look at it," she told the Times. The actor's frustration with trolling comments would occasionally boil over. "I'm going to be blunt — I feel like, 'F*** you. F*** you people, like, come over here and do it better,'" Davis added.

To avoid the negativity — and keep their sanity — both Davis and co-star Sarah Jessica Parker opted to stay off social media while "And Just Like That" premiered. "Sarah and I are currently in a media blackout. Cynthia is tougher and she is not, so we're like, 'You tell us later, okay?" Davis said while appearing on "Today" on December 7.