Eminem's Daughter Reveals Big News About Personal Life

"Looking at your baby pictures it just trips me out / To see how much you both have grown / It's almost like your sisters now / Wow, I guess you pretty much are / And daddy's still here," Eminem rapped in his 2004 hit "Mockingbird." True enough, Alaina Marie Mathers, the rapper's ex-wife's niece who he helped raise, is now all grown-up — and has an important milestone to share with everyone.

Throughout his career, Eminem has always taken pride in being a father to his biological daughter Hailie and adopted children Alaina and Stevie (the latter of whom is ex-wife Kim's biological child, per Cosmopolitan). "I was always there for Hailie, and my niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born," Eminem said in a previous interview with Rolling Stone. "Me and Kim pretty much had her, she'd live with us wherever we was at."

He also said that to him, being a good father means being present for as much as he can. "Just being there. Not missing things," he said. "If there's anything important going on, regardless of what it is, I'm there." Now with the recent developments in Alaina's life, she would need Eminem's presence more than ever.

Eminem's daughter Alaina Mathers is tying the knot with long-term boyfriend

Eminem should start preparing to walk his daughter down the aisle. Alaina Marie Mathers, born Alaina Marie Scott, just revealed that she is now engaged with her longtime boyfriend, Matt Moeller. Eminem's 28-year-old daughter shared photos of the sweet proposal where Moeller got down on one knee at what appeared as a rooftop overlooking the city.

"this moment. this life yes a hundred times over. I LOVE YOU," she wrote in the caption. The couple has been together for 7 years, having celebrated their 7th anniversary in July. In a separate Instagram post, Alaina described his fiance as her best friend. "While my love for you has somehow grown over these last 7 years, one thing has remained the same – you are my favorite person," she said. "You are my best friend, the best fur dad, and the best partner. Thank you for loving me as effortlessly as you do. Happy anniversary, ILY."

Eminem has been low-key with this relationship with Alaina, but in an interview on "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson," he said that his greatest achievement is being a father: "When I think about my accomplishments like that's probably the thing that I'm the most proud of, you know, is that — is being able to raise kids."