What We Know About Flavor Flav's Scary Car Accident

Fans are glad to know the rapper they've loved for three decades is safe after a near-death experience. 

Flavor Flav was in a serious car accident on December 14 that could have killed him, the "Flavor of Love" star told TMZ. Though the freak accident was not caused by any substance use, it did occur just days after the rapper was in the news for a different incident — in which he vowed to work on his sobriety after a run-in with the law following an alleged domestic dispute. "Mr. Drayton and his family are grateful to bring an amicable close to this matter and appreciate everyone's support as he continues his one-year journey of sobriety," said attorneys for the rapper at the close of his case, per the Associated Press (via HuffPost).

The rapper, who is now in his 60s, first gained fame as co-founder of '80s hip-hop group Public Enemy alongside Chuck D. Public Enemy went on to score two Top 10 albums on the Billboard 200, and two Hot 100 singles with "Can't Truss It" and "Give It Up." Flavor Flav returned to the spotlight in 2003 as a reality star on "The Surreal Life" and "Strange Love" on Vh1. The shows highlighted the rapper's relationship with then girlfriend Brigiette Nielson, until the couple's breakup led the celeb to his hit series "Flavor of Love."

While Flavor Flav's time on television came to an end in 2008, the star recently resurfaced in the spotlight after posting a photo with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian — helping to confirm Davidson and Kardashian's relationship.

Flavor Flav is 'shaken up' after a falling boulder nearly killed him

Flavor Flav admitted to TMZ he is "grateful to be alive" after a boulder struck his car in a near-death experience.

According to the outlet, the reality star was driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when a "massive boulder" fell from the side of the canyon hitting the front end of his car. Authorities revealed the rapper then lost control of his vehicle, causing a scary incident to become even scarier. The boulder was just a few feet away from hitting Flavor Flav directly, in what would have been a much more tragic event. "Thank God he survived and is okay, although a bit emotionally shaken up," a rep for the former Public Enemy artist told People.

The rapper relayed his feelings about the incident to TMZ, telling the outlet "God is good" and detailing how he "came very close to death but is super grateful to be alive." Flavor Flav's car was totaled in the incident and towed from the scene of the accident. He has yet to address the situation on social media, but it's clear his fans are incredibly relieved to hear he is okay. "Thank God that Flavor Flav is safe!" tweeted one supporter. "@FlavorFlave Sorry I heard what happened! I'm glad you're alright," another shared, adding the prayer hands emoji.