Tom Holland Reveals The Embarrassing Thing He Did To Zendaya On Set

Over the summer, Zendaya and Tom Holland's relationship was confirmed after the two were seen making out in Holland's car in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, per Page Six. The two first co-starred as romantic leads Spider-Man and MJ in 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and it was around that time that rumors began surfacing that their real-life relationship was romantic as well. In fact, in July 2017, a source told People, "They've been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye but they've gone on vacations with each other and try and spend as much time as possible with one another."

In November, Holland spoke out about his romance with the "Euphoria" star for the first time when he was asked how he felt about the aforementioned pictures getting leaked. He told GQ, "One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn't really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world." 

But Holland once did something embarrassing to Zenaya on set, which may prompt fans to (hilariously) question why she stuck around... 

Tom Holland accidentally farted on Zendaya during a Spider-Man stunt

In a December 10 interview with SiriusXM, Tom Holland was discussing an on-set stunt on the latest Spider-Man film, "Spider-Man: No Way Home," and admitted, "I farted. Yeah, I farted on [Zendaya], unfortunately. It's tough, the suit's tight. The harness squeezes it out." Asked if he confessed in the moment, Zendaya chimed in, "It was very obvious. I felt the rattle." Holland added, "No, I 'fessed up. I immediately was like, 'Ugh, sorry about that. That's my bad.'" 

Zendaya didn't appear to mind one bit. When the interviewer asked if it's better that the incident took place on the most recent film as opposed to when the two had just met, they said no, and it wouldn't have been awkward either way. In fact, Holland said it would have made a "really good talking point." He concluded, "We would have spoken about it in the press then, so we're talking about it in the press now." 

Speaking of publicly revealing details about their relationship, Zendaya recently gushed about Holland at an event for "Spider-Man: No Way Home." As for how she is there for her boyfriend, she divulged to the Associated Press, "Just by supporting ... just being there. I think sometimes you just have to be a person to vent to, someone to just be there and listen," she explained, also adding that the two are always sharing teachable moments with one another. " ... Anything that I learned or have learned or continue to learn I share with him and anything he learns, he shares with me." she said.

Tom Holland thinks Zendaya is 'the perfect person'

While their relationship is out in the open now, Tom Holland has admitted the interest in his dating life can be "incredibly frustrating," as he told British GQ in April. "It's very nerve-racking. It means that if you are dating someone, you have to be really conscious of their feelings, because if something does happen between the two of you, it's not just happening between the two of you, it's happening in front of the entire world," he explained. "And it can be very complicated. It's one of the things I worry about most, of all the things in my career."

Given their adorable moments of PDA, it seems like Holland has gotten over the nerves and the public pressure. In fact, Holland has Zendaya to thank for embracing his celebrity status and making him a better man. "She was so helpful in the process of my life changing, because not only are you making big films and you're traveling the world, but everyone starts to know who you are. And you have to behave differently," Holland told Backstage in February. "You have a responsibility to kind of uphold this idea of being a role model to young kids. And, arguably, she's the best at that." Moreover, he even gushed that she was "the perfect person."

Zendaya, on the other hand, said that Holland's professionalism is what made a lasting impression on her.

Zendaya likes that Tom Holland takes his work seriously

Speaking with InStyle in October, Zendaya gushed about Tom Holland's personality. "[He] can make anybody feel comfortable and have a good laugh and a good chat," she said of Holland, whom she has called her best friend, noting that the actor was "very charismatic." Zendaya also said that she appreciates Holland for many things — one of which is his ability to adopt the Spider-Man character as his own.

"In an actor way, I appreciate that he really loves being Spider-Man. It's a lot of pressure — you take on the role of a superhero wherever you go. To the little kid who walks by, you are Spider-Man," Zendaya explained, adding, "I think he handled that so well." And perhaps one way that Holland nails the role over and over again is due to his "perfectionist" attitude — which could be seen when he filmed stunts for "Spider-Man: No Way Home." 

"It was cool to see how he cares so much about his work and making it right," Zendaya explained. "I watched him do a fight scene all day, which is exhausting. He'd do a move, come back to the monitors, watch it, and say, 'I can do that better.'" 

Awww. We love a good supportive, power couple.