What Is Kate Middleton's Outlook Ahead Of Her 40th Birthday?

As Kate Middleton nears her 40th birthday on January 9, the Duchess of Cambridge is gearing up for the next stage in both her life and career. Embodying her royal status with what many say is excellent poise and grace, Kate has a popularity rating of 60% among the British public, while her husband, Prince William, boasts a 62% popularity rating, according to YouGov.

Conservative in dress and adopting a disciplined parenting style, the mother-of-three rarely strays from royal guidelines. Furthermore, in tying the knot with Prince William in 2011, the once-commoner in Kate quickly transformed into one of the monarchy's most-lauded figures and continues to be a decade later. With Queen Elizabeth reducing her workload due to health problems, both Kate and William have been planting the seeds of taking over the royal family when the time comes.

With the Duchess of Cambridge hosting her first-ever Christmas caroling event to honor COVID-19 pandemic responders, Kate has undoubtedly demonstrated her ability to handle senior royal duties under pressure. And as she heads into age 40, one royal source has revealed the future for Kate Middleton looks nothing but bright.

Kate Middleton is 'flourishing' in her royal capacity

In case it wasn't obvious, Kate Middleton is thriving (we'd put sparkle emojis around that word if we could) with her royal duties. With a decade of experience under her belt, it appears she is poised for greater royal success down the line. professionally.

One royal insider even revealed to People on December 15 that Kate is "flourishing" as she takes on more senior duties. The source further added, "She has really come into her own." The comments came off the heels of Kate's first-ever Christmas carol concert, which served to honor those helping in the fight against COVID-19. Both Kate and her husband Prince William's work have received praise since they've started "taking the lead" in the royal family, according to the Daily Mail.

"It's the third generation taking the lead – we're living in a time, the Cambridge's are the bridge within the monarchy," a royal source told the Daily Mail, noting that "the carol service was Kate's idea." The insider added, "Young people know who the queen is but they [can't] quite attune with someone so distant in terms of the age gap," which is why the Cambridges are acting "as a bridge between the young people and older generation." Clearly, Kate has a lot to celebrate in just a few short weeks!