Lara Trump Has The Internet Seeing Red Over Her Comments About January 6th

While Donald Trump might be largely the most outspoken member of his brood, it seems that a number of the Trump family scions have taken cues from their patriarch when it comes to addressing the public. There's Donald Trump Jr., the ex-president's likely political heir apparent, who, as his father once did, repeatedly uses his official Don Jr. Twitter account to deliver incendiary claims and bombastic declarations like it's a true calling. There's Eric Trump, who more or less does the same, albeit while generally garnering less press than his father or brother. And then there's Lara Trump, Eric's wife and the elder of Trump's daughters-in-law. Unlike her husband or the erstwhile president, Lara is privy to a readily accessible audience thanks to her current gig as a Fox News contributor, a conservative network that has never been shy in its support for the 45th president. 

It's no surprise, then, that Lara would have a few choice phrases regarding the current probe into the events leading up to January 6 and attempting to piece together whether members of the Trump administration had any knowledge of what would ensue. Now, it seems Lara has joined the Trump-loving chorus by doing her best to cast blame on political rivals, one of whom was present at the Capitol on January 6 — and whose life was threatened by the hundreds who laid siege to the Capitol that day.

Lara Trump's latest words on January 6 sparked outcries

During a December 15 Fox News broadcast, Lara Trump defended her father-in-law, Donald Trump, less for his possible involvement preceding the January 6 insurrection and more against the January 6 committee's investigation into the riot itself, per Raw Story. Lara accused the lawmakers, including committee members Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Liz Cheney, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was present that day, of conducting a false probe. "They all know that Donald Trump didn't orchestrate this whole thing," Lara told viewers. "He didn't tell people to go to the Capitol and break in. He said, 'Let's peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard.'"

Lara then zeroed in on Pelosi, who is thought to have been a direct target for rioters who intended to harm her, according to The Washington Post. Surprisingly, she also appeared to insinuate that ex-President Trump had known about the dangers of the day. Regardless, she placed all blame on Pelosi. "[Trump] tried to warn them, so many people tried to warn Nancy Pelosi," she continued, "so why didn't they have the adequate security there?"

Nonetheless, Internet denizens were quick to point out Lara's inconsistencies. "There was a VERY clear warning from Trump about Jan 6. 'We win the election, or we are going to try and take it,'" wrote one user, quoting Trump's words from that very day. Others accused Lara herself of lying, calling her one of Fox News' "sockpuppets" and "pathetically predictable."