What Is Prince William's Number One Christmas Wish?

The holidays can be a special time filled with memory-making moments and plenty of people love to indulge in the holly jolly joy, and that includes the British royal family. Despite the fact that Prince William may not know about one of the most popular Christmas traditions around (honestly, how is that possible?!), they do thrill the public by doing plenty of other festive things.

For instance, every year since 1957, Queen Elizabeth has been delivering a Christmas message, according to Express. They also release family photo-adorned Christmas cards each year. If you haven't already seen this year's card, then just know that it's filled with all kinds of cuteness thanks to William's three adorable children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. People also noted that it happens to reveal quite a bit about this royal family unit.

Of course, that's not all they do during the holiday season. They also exchange gifts and while you might assume that they give each other over-the-top, royal-worthy presents, it turns out that the present Prince William wants this year isn't at all what you would expect and it's definitely not something that his wife, Kate Middleton, will be able to gift wrap.

Prince William's ideal gift is related to his favorite sports team

Prince William is an avid sports fan — there's even an entire page about it on the royal website — which is why he can often be spotted in the stands of different athletic events. However, it seems as if he's particularly fond of soccer. Or, as they call it in England and many other places in the world, football. As for the royal, he happens to love the sport so much that his ideal Christmas gift has to do with the game.

While chatting with Barry Alston from Radio Marsden, per Hello!, William opened up about the holidays and revealed that he's "been thinking about [his] children and what they want for Christmas." As for himself, he admitted that he hadn't had "much time" to think about what he wants.

However, when put on the spot, the prince was able to come up with an answer — but the gift he's hoping to receive isn't exactly something that will fit under the Christmas tree. "If I had to choose right now, then I would say I want my favorite team which is Aston Villa to win their football match on Boxing Day," William revealed. Although that's not something that Santa can bring down the chimney, let's hope the players are able to come through with a festive win.