Inside Paris Jackson's Troubled Relationship With Janet Jackson

Paris Jackson and Janet Jackson don't exactly have a picture-perfect auntie/niece relationship. The daughter of Janet's brother, the late Michael Jackson, and the pop superstar have hit the headlines multiple times over the years for their seemingly rollercoaster relationship, with plenty of reports speculating about the true nature of the twosome's kinship.

Fans really noticed the twosome's bond under the most tragic of circumstances when Janet touchingly consoled a devastated Paris as the Jacksons showed a united front during the public memorial service for Paris' dad, Michael, in 2009. However, things seemed to become strained in the years that followed, including that infamous CCTV footage that appeared to show Janet and Paris in some kind of altercation alongside their fellow famous family members (more to come on that one).

But Janet was apparently saying "Together Again" after that, and the family members seemingly reconciled and were back on good terms ... or were they? What's really going on between these two? Well, to quote Sly and The Family Stone, "It's a family affair" — and let's just say it's all pretty complicated. So let's take a look back at the many ups and downs of Paris and her Auntie Janet's complicated history.

Janet Jackson's warning for Paris Jackson

Despite their ups and downs, it seems like Janet Jackson is still looking out for Paris Jackson, regardless of whether it's advice her niece wants to hear.

Janet issued a warning to Paris during a December 2011 ABC News interview after Paris made it clear she wanted to work in the entertainment industry, landing her first big acting job. Something that may potentially have been a source of contention, though? Well, Janet urged her not to do it after being asked what she thought of the youngster's career. "I'm happy for her because this is what she wants to do," Janet said, letting out a big sigh. "I told her, I said, 'You should really take your time to enjoy your youth to the fullest. You lose so much of your childhood in this industry.'"

At the time, Paris was 13 years old and had just landed her first movie role, so we're guessing being told by her aunt not to pursue her acting career maybe didn't go down so well. Paris has continued to act since though, despite Janet's warning, including appearing in several episodes of Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" spin-off series, "American Horror Stories," as well as popping up in 2018's "Gringo," and the Fox series, "Star" (via IMDb).

We wonder what Janet made of Paris not heeding her warning?

That infamous altercation

Okay, now let's get into the biggie: That infamous altercation involving Janet Jackson and Paris Jackson at Paris's grandmother and Janet's mom, Katherine Jackson's, compound in 2012.

This one hit the headlines big time after CCTV footage leaked online showing something going down between the family members. The video featured someone alleged to be Janet appearing to try to take someone who looked like Paris's cell phone in the driveway. Police were called, though nobody was arrested, with TMZ claiming — and later retracting — that Janet and her brothers, Randy and Jermaine Jackson, turned up at the compound uninvited and tried to "strong-arm" Paris and her brothers, Blanket Jackson and Prince Jackson, to get them into an awaiting vehicle (via NME).

TMZ also initially reported Janet called Paris a "spoiled little b***h" and claimed a "scuffle" ensued, with Katherine's nephew, Trent Jackson, supposedly attempting to break up an altercation involving Randy and Jermaine. However, TMZ later took back the story, instead making it clear, "Janet did not slap or otherwise touch Paris, nor did she verbally abuse her."

Katherine's attorneys spoke about the incident in a statement (via Radar Online). She claimed, "Certain Jackson family members ambushed Katherine Jackson's home ... on the tails of the SUV containing Michael Jackson's children" and accused those family members of shouting at Michael's kids and attempting to "aggressively grab at the cell phones in their hands," but claimed the trio were taken to "a safe location" before police arrived.

Paris Jackson's wedding boycott

Weddings are supposed to bring people together, but it doesn't look like that was the case when Janet Jackson wed her now ex-husband, Wissam Al Mana, in 2012. Paris was allegedly threatening to "boycott" the wedding, according to a report from Star, and supposedly hadn't spoken to Janet in more than six months after a falling out. A source added they supposedly hadn't "reconciled" following past drama, which may or may not have involved that infamous CCTV leak (via Bossip).

However, Janet later claimed they didn't have many guests when they walked down the aisle anyway. In fact, they kept things so small no one even knew they were officially married until several months later! In a statement posted to her website in February 2013, which appears to have been deleted in the wake of their split, Janet described their ceremony as "quiet, private, and beautiful," though it's not been confirmed if Paris — or any other family members for that matter — attended (via E! News).

Janet also shot down reports claiming they planned an "extravagant wedding," after National Enquirer claimed they were inviting 500 guests (via Hello Beautiful). The false report also stated they were spending $20 million on the ceremony, including handing out $10,000 Rolex watches as wedding favors. (Boy, are we running in the wrong circles if that's true!) It does have us wondering, though ... If the two really did invite 500 people, would Paris have made the guest list?

Paris Jackson didn't honor her aunt

They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but that's probably not the case with this one. Back in May 2018, Paris Jackson caused quite the stir when she was noticeably absent from the 2018 Billboard Music Awards when her aunt, Janet Jackson, received the Icon Award. Making her absence even more suspicious? Several of her family members did attend, including her grandma, Katherine Jackson, her aunt, Rebbie Jackson, and even her brother, Prince Jackson (via People).

Writing on Instagram Stories, Paris claimed she "had absolutely no idea" Janet was being honored and hadn't declined the opportunity to attend, because she was never even asked. "No one from my [management] reached out to me about attending billboards or about the award, and no one from my family did either. I had absolutely no idea until y'all spammed with hatred," she wrote, calling out those who asked why she wasn't there.

Paris then scolded those seemingly trying to get involved with her family affairs, writing, "Please do not tell me/demand/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life, specifically my family." She continued, "As amazing and as s****y as things can be, it is no one's business but ours," according to People. She also suggested there wasn't any drama with Janet, as she shared a sweet photo of them sticking their tongues out to her Instagram Story with the caption, "Congrats auntie! You earned it" (via Entertainment Tonight).

Paris Jackson's family shade

The Jackson family may need a little ice for this burn, as Paris Jackson wasn't afraid to put her family, seemingly including her aunt, Janet Jackson, on blast on social media in April 2018. This one went down after several reports claimed that the Jackson clan were worried that Paris, who has shared her mental health issues publicly, was in a downward spiral.

Paris clapped back on social media though, suggesting very few, if any, of her extended family members had actually reached out to her personally. "Apparently people think I'm about to die ... I don't know. It's a terrible thing and not true," she said on Instagram Stories (via Page Six). "My therapist texted me about it laughing though, so that's good. So I guess to all the family members that are talking to these news outlets saying you're worried for me, when was the last time you called me?" 

She then added that her brother, Prince Jackson, wasn't "worried" about her because they "talk all the time," bluntly telling her family, "If you're worried about me, call me." The social media clap back appeared to be in response to a story from Page Six a couple of days earlier which claimed the Jackson clan were concerned over her "bizarre" behavior. An unnamed relative spoke out to the outlet and suggested the Jackson's were worried about Paris being taken advantage of, as they shared their concerns about her relationship with model Cara Delevingne.

Did Janet Jackson refuse to live with her niece?

It sounds like Janet Jackson may not be too keen to live with her niece. It's been reported more than once that the idea of Paris Jackson moving in with Janet has been suggested by the Jackson clan, with Janet reportedly shooting it down every time. Reports claimed in May 2018 that Paris — who has spoken openly about her mental health and past suicide attempts — was going through some difficult times and it was suggested Janet "intervene" and take her under her wing, according to an OK! Magazine source (via Hollywood Life).

However, it was claimed Janet supposedly didn't love that idea so much and wanted "to focus on her own life" amid her divorce from Wissam Al Mana and felt "frustrated that Paris isn't taking her advice." The insider also added that Janet was purportedly "frustrated with Paris' cries for attention" and Paris supposedly thought of her aunt as being "a killjoy."

That wasn't the first time it had been reported that Janet had turned down the chance to live with Paris, either. In 2017, it was alleged that Paris had offered to move in with her aunt Janet in order to help her look after her newborn son, Eissa Al Mana, though Radar Online's insider claimed Janet didn't take up the offer. In a turn of the tables, it was claimed that time that Paris was worried about Janet after she supposedly became reclusive.

Joe Jackson's funeral reportedly caused drama

Another alleged source of contention between Paris Jackson and Janet Jackson is supposedly the funeral of Joe Jackson, Janet's dad and Paris's grandad. Radar Online alleged in June 2018 there was "bad blood" between the two, and they argued about the funeral plans because they had such differing opinions on Joe. Though Paris thought the world of her late grandad, it was claimed that Janet had a more strained relationship with the Jackson patriarch, who was a driving force behind turning her into a star. The outlet also claimed that the two fell out over money, with an insider claiming, "Janet has said she'll pay for it because she believes Paris paying for it would be an embarrassment to the family."

Joe died aged 89, with TMZ reporting he passed away in a hospice. He was somewhat of a controversial figure, with several outlets speculating about how hard he may have worked his kids to ensure they saw success. Joe managed Janet, her brother (and Paris's dad) Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5.

Paris appeared to deny the reports of tension, though, and took to Twitter to slam claims she was on the outs with her famous aunt. "Janet and i haven't argued in over 6 years, stop with these stupid rumors," she hit back in July 2018. "I have nothing but love for my family and they all know it."

Janet's not following her niece on Instagram

Paris Jackson has millions of Instagram followers (3.8 million to be exact, as of December 2021) but one of them is not her aunt, Janet Jackson. Janet seemingly hasn't said "Miss You Much" when it comes to her niece on Instagram as, despite being a regular user on the social media site and following more than 180 accounts, she never clicked the follow back button for her brother Michael Jackson's daughter. Even after Paris shared her Billboard Music Awards congratulations post for her aunt, Janet didn't follow back.

As for why the "Love Will Never Do" hitmaker doesn't keep up with her niece's regular updates we're not sure, but it's not like she doesn't follow any of her famous family members. She has clicked that follow button for her brother, Randy Jackson, and also follows the hashtag #JanetJackson. The star even interacted with her brother on the social media site in October 2018 after Randy attended the Global Citizen festival in support of her. "Great job sis! #GlobalCitizen #BeTheGeneration," he wrote in caption alongside a photo of him on the red carpet and a video of him watching Janet perform. Janet commented with a hugging emoji and a kissing emoji.

It's possible Paris shouldn't take the no follow uber-personally, though. Paris' brother, Prince Jackson, also follows Aunt Janet on Instagram but doesn't have the honor of a follow back.

Janet Jackson lives overseas

The Atlantic Ocean may actually be another reason Paris Jackson and Janet Jackson don't seem to have been very close over the years — hear us out on this one. It's been claimed that the two never managed to build a strong connection because Janet built a life for herself across the pond. Janet's lived in London for several years, and it was claimed in 2018 by an E! News source that Paris "doesn't talk to her aunt all that much" because she's just so far away. The insider suggested that was one of the primary reasons they don't have a super tight bond, noting Paris is much closer to her brothers because they've spent so much time in close quarters.

As for Janet, she's shared on multiple occasions how much she loves living in the U.K., even sharing restaurant tips on social media. In September 2020, she tweeted her foodie recommendation about a London restaurant that made her "feel right at home." The star originally lived in the English capital with her now ex-husband, Wissam Al Mana, but moved out of the home they lived in together in the wake of their split. It's not clear if she returned to the U.S., though she was definitely back across the pond full time in 2019, and has been spotted out and about in the city on multiple occasions since, according to the Daily Mail.