Is Reese Witherspoon's Daughter Going To Start An Acting Career?

Reese Witherspoon is one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, and she's amassed quite a following on social media — 27 million to be exact, and that's just on Instagram. The actor is best known for starring in Blockbuster hits like "Legally Blonde" and "Sweet Home Alabama," and her stint on "The Morning Show" alongside Jennifer Aniston also created quite the buzz. When she's not working, Witherspoon seems to spend a lot of time with her children. She's the proud mother of three, including daughter Ava Phillippe and son Deacon Phillippe with ex Ryan Phillippe, and son, Tennessee, with husband Jim Toth.

Of course, the family has excellent genetics, and many people can't help but gush over how alike Witherspoon and her daughter Ava look! In September, Witherspoon shared a sweet post on Ava's birthday, and at first glance, we thought the shot was of Witherspoon. "Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl...excuse me... I mean my adult daughter!!! Words can't describe how proud I am of you," the star gushed. "You have grown into an extraordinary person who cares so much about the world around her. I am so lucky to have you light up my life. I love you, Ava!!" Many fans commented on the post to rave over how much Ava looks like her mom, while plenty of others sent birthday wishes. 

There's no doubt that Ava takes after her mother in the looks department, but could the acting department be a different story?

Ava Phillippe has not ruled out acting

Like mother, like daughter? There have been plenty of celebs who have followed in mother dear's footsteps, taking their acting chops to the big screen after mama paved the way. In Ava Phillippe's case, she has mom Reese Witherspoon and dad Ryan Phillippe to look to as role models, and the 22-year-old seems to have a good head on her shoulders. The UC Berkeley student sat down with E!'s "Daily Pop," where she chatted about everything from her modeling gigs to her Instagram following.

When asked if she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents, Ava shared, "I don't see it out of the question, certainly." She also added a few more details regarding her future. "My parents have always encouraged me to choose the path that's right for me and, you know, guide me along the way to make better choices than I might make," she told the outlet, expressing how grateful she is to have such wonderful parents. "That is such a privilege to have parents that support you in that way and to want you to be who you truly are meant to be," she added. "So I think I'm trying to do that."

Ava also touched on her social media following, noting that she tries to be conscious of what she posts to set a good example. "I do have a platform of some sort, for sure, and I want to be conscious of what I am posting," she shared.