What's Really Going On With Alex Rodriguez's Love Life?

Alex Rodriguez's romantic life has been quite a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. From Cameron Diaz to former WWE star Torrie Wilson, the veteran baseball player has certainly found love in all corners of life. But most notably, however, the MLB legend was once engaged to Latin songstress Jennifer Lopez.

Initially meeting in 2005, the two didn't romantically hit it off until 2017. In the years that followed, the former power couple was the talk of the town. From celebrating Thanksgiving with their children from previous marriages to vacationing in Paris, JLo and A-Rod seemingly had it all. Eventually, Rodriguez popped the question to Lopez after two years of dating — admitting he was a "nervous wreck" when proposing, per Oprah Daily.

The relationship, however, came crashing down in March when the couple split after nearly two years of being engaged. Since then, the couple has moved on with their lives — with Lopez notably reuniting with ex Ben Affleck after almost 20 years. Though "Bennifer" is in full swing once again (2000s cultural enthusiasts rejoice!), this begs the question: What's really going on with Alex Rodriguez's love life?

Alex Rodriguez is focused on being a dad right now

After splitting from ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez in April, Alex Rodriguez has seemingly taken a step back from the dating world. If you're wondering where he stands romantically, an unnamed source clarified that he's single and spending ​​"a lot of time with his daughters and enjoying every minute of it," according to People.

Sharing daughters Natasha and Ella with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, the source added that he's "a good father and family means a lot to him." The source's claims are verifiable after taking a quick gander at A-Rod's Instagram. Full of selfies with him and his daughters, his Instagram featured a wholesome flick of them all on November 27 — with A-Rod writing, "Beautiful day in the Big House with my girls."

In 2018, A-Rod revealed that his dad, Victor, leaving him at a young age fueled him to be a solid father figure to his kids. "He left us [when I was] 10 ... We reconnected in a four-game series against Minnesota," the retired athlete told ET. "It was Father's Day weekend ... It was probably the best four games I've played in my career." Rodriguez was determined "to put on a show for [Victor], so you know, Dad, what you walked away from." He added, "Ever since he left me and my family, I always thought, I never want to do that. I want to be a great father, a present father."