Wife Swap's Heidi Mae Reveals How Her Family's Changed Since The Show - Exclusive

Heidi Mae recently went viral after she posted a TikTok video discussing what it was really like to appear on "Wife Swap" Season 6. "My family was on 'Wife Swap,' and it was the worst mistake of our lives," Mae explained in her TikTok video. "It was really bad. They had us sign an NDA to be on the show. It's been almost 10 years now. So I decided, f*** it." To date, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times, and Mae has posted multiple follow-up videos revealing what really went on behind the scenes when her family appeared on "Wife Swap."

"I was talking to my therapist about it, I realized it was wrong," Mae explained to Nicki Swift. "It's something that still impacts me to this day, 10 years later. And I still have the effects of what happened to me on the show that follow me around psychologically." Mae decided it was time to go public with her experiences. "I was like, 'You know what? I'm not going to protect their reputation. I'm not going to stay silent anymore.' Because, certainly me and my family were not the only people that this happened to. And staying silent just enables that sort of stuff to continue."

Nicki Swift sat down with Heidi Mae to find out how her family has been since they appeared on "Wife Swap."

Heidi Mae's family is closer post-Wife Swap

While Heidi Mae certainly still feels the after-effects of appearing on "Wife Swap," her family has started to heal from their negative experience. "So my family now is really good," Mae told Nicki Swift. "There's two older siblings that weren't traveling with us at the time, so they just weren't included in the show. But me, my sister Miranda, my brother Gabe, and my mom and my dad are all very, very close. Also, all of us are in therapy, which was hugely instrumental in helping us get close."

Since their reality TV moment, Heidi and her family members have been working through their negative experiences, and in doing so, they've gotten closer. "My parents went from being conservative to being accepting and open-minded," she explained. "Clearly I am no longer conservative, and my parents are very accepting. They're very open-minded. I came out to my family as bisexual last year, which was another thing that came out in therapy. And they were just super supportive and loving. And yeah, it was amazing." Thankfully, Heidi Mae's family is moving forward.

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