What Andy Cohen Promised To Do With Anderson Cooper On New Years Eve Is Turning Heads

If you ask any avid viewer of CNN or Bravo network devotee, they'll most likely be able to speak volumes to the longtime friendship between journalist Anderson Cooper and media personality Andy Cohen. Cooper and Cohen, both of whom are out and proud members of the LGBTQ community, first met in the early 90s, after the two were set up on what proved to be a wildly unsuccessful blind date, per Us Weekly. Despite the romantic mismatch, their platonic chemistry proved to be enough to seal a bond between the two, which has resulted in a friendship spanning three decades. They've seen each other through red carpet events, break-ups, fatherhood, and more — so it's no surprise they also have a tradition of seeing each other through to greet the arrival of each new year. 

Indeed, both Cohen and Cooper have hosted CNN's New Year's Eve Live event since 2018, in which both traditionally usher in the new year from New York City's Time's Square in anticipation of the widely-viewed annual ball drop. But this year, Cohen promised at least one fan to do a certain thing on live TV with his best friend — and it may or may not be the perfect way for celebrants at home to help ring in 2022.

Andy Cohen promised to get Anderson Cooper wasted on NYE

As Andy Cohen shared in a December 27 Instagram Story, one follower wrote to him specifically via direct message to beseech the "Real Housewives" franchise producer with a specific holiday request. "First time caller. Long time listener," the message read. "If you don't get Anderson absolutely wasted for New Year's I will never forgive you. We have nothing else. Please hear our prayers." To which Cohen responded with resolute enthusiasm: "I will get him drunk like my life depended on it. America needs #drunkanderson!"

Indeed, getting Anderson Cooper hammered while on-air has in its own way become an NYE tradition between the two. As both Cooper and Cohen recounted during a December 2020 interview with Stephen Colbert, both seemingly conferred that the CNN anchor is, by definition, a "lightweight." For further proof, both pointed to their CNN New Year's Eve Live hosting stint, in which Cooper downed tequila and Jägermeister shots during the broadcast, much to Cooper's chagrin and Cohen's delight.

If Cohen and Cooper continue with their NYE tradition for the upcoming year-end event, it's almost certain that it'll be one borne out of consensual fun and hijinks. As Cooper told Colbert in 2019, "What we like about this New Year's show is it's sort of like everybody's New Year's Eve ... It's like you think it's gonna be one thing. It ends up going off the rails. You sort of have a good time."