What's Nicole Kidman's Secret In Her Marriage With Keith Urban?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of the most outwardly loving couples in Hollywood. The actor and the singer got married in 2006, and Kidman admits that they fell in love fast but that she wishes the two had met even sooner so they could have even more years together. She told Vogue in 2015, "I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him, but I didn't. I mean, if I could have had two more children with him that would have been just glorious, but as Keith says, 'The wanting mind, Nicole. Shut it down.'"

And much like his wife, Urban quickly fell head over heels with his future partner, telling CBS Sunday Morning in 2015 of when they met, "[It] wasn't life-changing, it was life-beginning. It was literally, like, 'OK, life starts.'"

But despite how gushy these two can be about each other, they largely fly under the radar when it comes to the media, choosing instead to lead fairly quiet lives (when they're not promoting projects and going to events). This is because one of Kidman's go-to tricks for making her marriage work.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban keep their private lives private

When it comes to her marriage of 15 years, Nicole Kidman says that one of her biggest priorities is to keep her private life private. She told the Australian Women's Weekly in December, "I live a portion of my life in the public eye. Only a small portion of it." She continued, "I have my work, but my actual life is pretty private. I'm very fortunate that I have a family that is very tight. We're very close. I had a fantastic papa and I have a fantastic husband, and as much as we have all of this, Keith and I are pretty normal."

A few weeks prior, Kidman, who married Keith Urban a few years after her public split from Tom Cruise, said on Australia's Today Show, via the Daily Mail, that she and her husband are "protective of [their] little bubble," referring to their relationship and their private lives. She added, "The priority is each other and our kids. Nothing is more important than that."