Anna Duggar Reportedly Proves How She Is Standing By Josh

Anna Duggar has proved over and over what a faithful wife she is to husband Josh Duggar. While their marriage appeared to be picture-perfect when they started their large family in 2009, it all began to crumble in 2015 when reports broke that Josh allegedly molested five young girls when he was a teen. He was then reportedly caught using the Ashley Madison site to cheat on his wife. However, it didn't stop there — he was arrested in April 2021 for possessing and receiving child pornography on his computer.

Now, Anna is raising seven children on her own after her husband was convicted on December 9, 2021. He is currently in solitary confinement at the Washington County jail for his own safety until his sentencing in a few months. Anna was expected to pay Josh many visits in person, especially over the holidays. However, that all changed recently due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. According to The Sun, the closest that she will get to Josh is through video chats.

Despite not being able to have in-person visits, Anna is reportedly still standing by her husband by video chatting with him — sometimes multiple times a day. Daily Mail reported that there is a copy of a video visitation log that was scooped up by Katie Joy of "Without a Crystal Ball." Joy was supposedly able to provide proof that Anna is still giving Josh her time and attention while he is sitting in jail.

Anna Duggar struggles over her future with Josh

While Anna Duggar is seemingly standing by her man since his conviction, a source recently told In Touch Weekly that she is uncertain as to what the future holds for her and her family. Divorce doesn't appear to be an option for her at this point. The Duggar family's beliefs are that you should do whatever it takes to stick with your marriage. It appears that Anna is trying her best to do just that. However, it was revealed that she is struggling with the circumstances that she has been forced into right now. "She's doing everything she possibly can to make sense of this living nightmare," the source told In Touch.

Anna has understandably been MIA from social media as well. Her last Instagram post was to announce the birth of her and Josh's seventh child — a girl named Madyson Lily Duggar, born in November. Anna was also seen heading to the courthouse hand-in-hand with Josh heavily pregnant right during the pre-trial hearings. 

It's also not clear exactly how Anna's relationships with her in-laws are these days. She was not seen in any of the holiday photos that the Duggars shared, but the source said that they are rallying around her to support her and the kids.

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