Reese Witherspoon Gets Roasted For Bizarre Question To Fans

Achieving the independent girl-boss status of Elle Woods' dreams, Reese Witherspoon has blossomed from beloved actor into a successful entrepreneur. She has a clothing line, a cookbook, a celebrity book club, and a production company that sold for a handsome amount in 2021. After receiving critical acclaim and praise for her iconic roles over the years, her desire to branch out, dig into production, and really define a brand for herself has made it clear how diverse her personal passions and pursuits really are.

Case in point: In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2019, Witherspoon expressed outrage over a Time magazine illustration that featured her alongside other actors like Gweneth Paltrow and Blake Lively, marking the group as "Hollywood's New Domestic Divas." She quipped, "Men are entrepreneurs but how dare we be anything more than actresses?"

With her self-made success and ever-evolving empire of opportunities, it would be fascinating to know where Witherspoon's attention is pulled for future endeavors. However, fans are a bit perplexed over a particular musing she shared on social media.

Witherspoon's controversial foray into the metaverse

Following a block of standard content, including the promotion of a Season 3 return of "The Morning Show" and lifestyle conversations, Reese Witherspoon dropped a peculiar tweet on January 11 that hit fans in a strange way. "In the (near) future, every person will have a parallel digital identity. Avatars, crypto wallets, digital goods will be the norm," the actor posted. Always one to engage her audience, she ended the tweet with, "Are you planning for this?"

A flurry of comments quickly filled in, many noting the odd remark and questioning if Witherspoon is the one running the account regularly. With the uptick in celebrity crypto endorsements, according to CNBC, some followers feel suspicious of what motivated the post. One fan made light of the statement and responded with, "Blink twice if you need help, Reese." Someone else said, "No one with even one single real problem in their life is planning for that," while another tweeted, "This is more embarrassing for you than doing late night infomercials."

However, it simply seems that the "Big Little Lies" star is getting into the crypto game, retweeting posts about crypto terminology and digital goods over the last few months. Witherspoon also posted on January 5 about partnering with an organization for "#WomenInCrypto Day" through her production company, Hello Sunshine. All these breadcrumbs point to something bigger in the works for Witherspoon in this field, and her fans are already eager to follow and investigate her intentions.