The Seriously Strange Thing Kanye West Did During His Latest Dinner Date With Julia Fox

Continuing in their campaign to be the most confusing celebrity couple to grace the gossip blogs, Kanye West and Julia Fox were spotted on another dinner date, this time in West Hollywood. It's not the dinner date part that has us scratching our heads — it's what they (or, more specifically, West) did while at dinner. Unlike their earlier, now infamous, dinner date, Ye did not "direct a photoshoot" of the "Uncut Gems" star while other diners watched in delight — which is how Fox described the evening to Interview Magazine. In case you missed it, this date also included a hotel suite full of clothes as a surprise, and another photoshoot. 

This time, Ye appeared on his friend Antonio Brown's Instagram stories, via Us Weekly, showing the rapper and designer in what appears to be a public bathroom. Apparently, Ye felt the need for a little mid-date grooming touch up, which is totally normal. Only Ye did this in the most Ye way possible. 

Ye got a shave while on a date with Julia Fox

The video posted to Antonio Brown's Instagram stories (via Us Weekly) shows Kanye West sitting in the restaurant bathroom, wearing a black barber's cape and getting a shave. Like, a professional one. For most of the video, West is wearing the expression he usually does in photos — very serious, maybe slightly affronted — and does not speak as his beard gets a professional touch up while restaurant noises clink and clatter in the background. However, in the video Brown posted on his grid, West is smiling and laughing, looking like he's having a great time. In the caption of the post, Brown tagged @novamen, which suggests that the rapper could have a collaboration with the Fashion Nova men's line in the works.

We assume the rest of the date was (relatively) normal, and Julia Fox has not yet commented on what we imagine must have been an especially lengthy bathroom break, or if Ye dropped any other eyebrow-raising surprises on her during the outing. Remember, this is the man who got Kenny G to serenade now-ex-wife Kim Kardashian as a gift once, so really anything could happen. For what it's worth, Fox truly does seem to be "enjoying the ride," as she told Interview Magazine, so more power to her and her perfectly groomed boyfriend.