Joe Francis Claims The Kardashians Have Been Covering Up For Scott Disick

Joe Francis is revealing all the details behind his decades-long friendship with the Kardashians, and taking a jab at Scott Disick.

The "Girls Gone Wild" founder has appeared a few times on the family's former E! series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," including in Season 1 when Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian snuck away to Mexico to Francis' home for a bikini photoshoot. Speaking to Heather McDonald in September 2021, Francis opened up about his relationship with the Kardashians, particularly Kourtney, who Francis is rumored to have dated in the early 2000s.

"Did I have sex with Kourtney on that trip? Yes," Francis claimed via Page Six), who went on to reveal "interestingly enough, that is when Kourtney and Scott [Disick] met." According to Francis, Kourtney "hated" Scott at first, even leaving a note for Francis that read, "Joe, [Scott] is the biggest d****bag ever. I hate you for trying to make me go with him. I will never talk to that guy." The duo were brought together by Francis, who reportedly called Scott to help get Kourtney out of his room during a trip to Mexico. "This is how they met!" Francis continued. "And Scott came down and I was trying to devise a plan to get her out of my room."

The plan worked, as Kourtney and Scott went on to show the ups and downs of their 10-year relationship on "KUWTK" — and, of course, welcome three children. So what is Joe Francis' beef with Scott almost 20 years later?

Joe Francis called Scott Disick a 'bad kind of guy'

Back in 2007, the Kardashians would begin their empire with the first episode of E!'s "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" — starring, in part, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Scott Disick. The reality star remained a member of the family in the reality series throughout all 20 seasons of the show, despite his public breakup with Kourtney back in 2015.

Family friend Joe Francis, however, is spilling the tea behind Scott's relationship with the Kardashians, calling the celeb a "total dork." Speaking to David Yontef on "Behind the Velvet Rope," Francis claimed Scott didn't have "two nickels to rub to his name," when meeting Kourtney, and the Kardashians "made him wealthy." Francis continued (via The Sun), "[The Kardashians] molded him into this wealthy image guy or whatever. He looks like he came from money or something and this guy has no education. You know? I feel bad for Scott really."

The "Girls Gone Wild" founder's name-calling didn't stop there. Frances claimed during the interview that "Scott is a dork and a bad kind of guy. But the Kardashians have hid who Scott really is. He's a total d****." The producer alleged it was all in Scott's "game plan" to get on the Kardashians' reality series, and stay in the family via his three children. "I want Kourtney to be in love with someone, but not Scott," Francis said, calling the reality star's new fiancé Travis Barker "cool."

Despite throwing serious shade at Disick, Francis once had no problem partying with him — the two were spotted together surrounded by women in 2016, per Entertainment Weekly.