Everything We Know About Paramore's First Album In Five Years

Grammy Award-nominated rock band Paramore hasn't released a new album since 2017. Fortunately for fans, that could change.

After many years of performing and recording with the band, lead singer Hayley Williams decided to go solo. During a May 2020 interview with Vogue, the "Brick By Boring Brick" hitmaker explained she and guitarist Taylor York discussed a potential break when making the music video for their single "Rose-Colored Boy" in 2018. "I told Taylor to always tell me what he needs for Paramore to be healthy because we've been through enough bullshit," Williams explained, adding, "We're adults and have to focus on our friendships. I knew I had to honor that this was the time we owed ourselves to be individuals and not find our identity in Paramore for a minute."

Williams has released two solo albums since 2020, but always stated she would return to Paramore. "I can't deny there are frontwomen in history who went solo and didn't go back, so that's where I have to trust that the band knows I'm not looking for greener grass," she continued. Luckily for fans, Paramore hopefully won't have to wait too much longer for a new album, as they've already revealed they're back in the studio.

Paramore have been reflecting on their early influences

It may have been five years since Paramore's last studio album "After Laughter," but the band is back in the studio working on their upcoming sixth LP. The "Ain't It Fun" hitmakers -– currently made up of lead singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro -– exclusively told Rolling Stone they have completed their earliest songwriting sessions in Nashville (via NME). However, they have since moved to California to record the material.

During the beginning of the creative process, Williams said she and York reflected on the early days of Paramore and what was influencing them. Their first few albums — "All We Know Is Falling" and "Riot!" — featured a more emo, rock sound. But, they assured readers that doesn't mean the new music will much of the same. "The music we were first excited by wasn't exactly the kind of music we went on to make," Williams said, adding, "Our output has always been all over the place and with this project, it's not that different. We're still in the thick of it but some things have remained consistent from the start. 1) More emphasis back on the guitar, and 2) Zac should go as Animal as he wants with drum takes."

Paramore's sixth album currently remains untitled. However, Williams insists she and her fellow band members are excited for what's to come. On Instagram, the singer has removed all her posts, which usually suggests a new era is coming very soon.