Brie Bella Is Calling Out Leonardo DiCaprio For Ignoring Her Plea

Brie Bella is making an impassioned plea. The "Total Bellas" star and WWE wrestler recently opened up about an awkward online encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio, which saw the "Don't Look Up" star ignore her.

Bella, who is married to AEW wrestler and ardent environmentalist Bryan Danielson, has been inundated with going green after marrying the former Planet's Champion back in 2014, per People. In a 2017 episode of "Total Bellas," Danielson took his multi-hyphenate wife to a landfill to see the crippling effects of decomposition firsthand. "Bryan will not stop talking about going to a landfill and seeing what diapers really do to the environment," Bella, who shares two kids with Danielson, said (via E! Online). "You would think he could just show me some documentary, but no."

Danielson noted that "diapers take 500 years to decompose." Elsewhere, Bella stated that "I'm a lot like my husband. I may not be as crazy as him, but I do care about our planet and I do care about our environment." With her vigilance toward green causes, Brie Bella attempted to get fellow environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio onboard to no avail — and now, she's publicly pleading with the "Revenant" star.

Brie Bella wants Leonardo DiCaprio's support

Ignoring someone's DMs can have major repercussions in 2022. In Leonardo DiCaprio's case, it involves getting called out by Brie Bella. Appearing on E!'s "Down in the DMs," Bella opened up about reaching out to DiCaprio — who is also a noted environmentalist — for an environmental venture her friends opened up.

"Our close friends Carlo Mondavi and his fiancé Gio, they started this electric tractor company and what they want to do for the environment is just incredible," said the "Total Bellas" star. "So I DM Leonardo DiCaprio, I'm like, 'Leo, this would be huge for, not only the environment, but especially farming. When you look at what's really going on with the environment, farming is right at the top,'" she revealed. "I thought, you know, that would've really got him ... and it didn't. So Leo, if you're listening, DM me back!"

In October, DiCaprio made headlines when he, alongside stars Djimon Hounsou and Forest Whitaker, teamed up with Prince Harry to fight oil drilling in the Okavango River Basin. In a statement from Re:wild, the four "[joined] local Indigenous and civil society leaders and conservationists in Namibia and Botswana ... calling for an immediate moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Okavango River Basin," as the region "includes a famous UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its wildlife and two Ramsar wetland sites of international importance."