Piers Morgan Has Blunt Words About The Queen's Recent Troubles

Poor Queen Elizabeth has had quite the year filled with trouble. First in March 2021, she had to deal with that ground-breaking interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave to Oprah Winfrey that brought shocking allegations against the royal family. Then, just a month later, Prince Philip, the queen's husband of over 70 years, died at the age of 99, no doubt devastating the family. She even had to sit alone at his funeral due to strict COVID-19 restrictions, per CNN.

Then, of course, there's the civil sex case trial brought against the queen's third son, Prince Andrew. One of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, is suing the former Duke of York for alleged sexual assault and battery when she was 17, and he was around 40, per Intelligencer. The case has tarnished Andrew's reputation so much that the queen enacted severe consequences and stripped him of his royal and military titles.

With all of this occurring within a year, it's safe to say the queen has had a rough go of it. So much so that Piers Morgan, who's known for harshly critiquing the royals, has expressed his sympathy.

Piers Morgan feels sorry for the queen

British broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan is not known for his pleasantries. In fact, he's known for his usually harsh commentary on the royal family, U.K.'s prime minister, celebrities, and just about everyone else. However, we do have to give him credit for recently showing his sympathetic side.

On January 13, Morgan took to Twitter to express his understanding of the queen's rough last year. "I feel so sorry for the Queen. In the last year she's lost the love of her life, endured the Monarchy she heads being repeatedly trashed by the Sussex clowns, & suffered what must be any mother's nightmare over Andrew's deplorable conduct," he wrote. He also pointed out the queen's age and continued, "She's 95, and deserves so much better."

We can only hope that the queen will see a better year in 2022 than she did in 2021. The queen does have one thing to look forward to — her Platinum Jubilee. According to Sky News, 2022 marks the queen's 70th year reigning as the head of the monarchy, a first for the U.K., which no doubt calls for a huge celebration. Cheers to that!