The Surprising Tradition Angelina Jolie Still Shares With Billy Bob Thornton

It's without a doubt that Angelina Jolie is someone who makes as many headlines for her personal life as she does her professional career. The "Eternals" star has had several high-profiled marriages, including her most recent one with Brad Pitt

The couple tied the knot in 2014 to only pull the plug on their relationship two years later in a very messy divorce and custody battle, all of which is taking a huge toll on Pitt. According to Us Weekly, Pitt hates all of the bad blood between him and his ex-wife. One source even said, "Brad hopes that one day he and Angelina find a way to forgive each other and move forward, for the kids' sakes if nothing else."

And while it doesn't seem like Jolie and Pitt are two people who are willing to talk to one another without their lawyers involved, let alone even sit in the same room together, her relationship with her another ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton looks quite different. In fact, it's actually quite heartwarming thanks to Jolie's very kind gesture toward his family.

Angelina Jolie is that stepmom you want in your life

Even though Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton ended their marriage back in 2003, Jolie still goes out of her way to remember her stepson, Harry James Thornton. The "Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules" star told Entertainment Tonight that Jolie still sends him Christmas gifts each year. The 27-year-old told the site, "To this day, she still sends me Christmas gifts every year and stuff like that. I don't talk to her on the phone every day but every now and then we talk."

Harry James was in elementary school when his famous father was married to Jolie, and according to the reality star, he has nothing but fond memories of their time together. He said, "She took us camping every week and she rented, like, an RV one time, and we went on a full camping trip. She was just so fun for us back when we were, like, younger. Like, she was a lot of fun."

One certainly doesn't need an explanation of how cool it would be to have a stepmom like Jolie, right? When it comes to the kids in her life, there's no doubt that her heart is always in the right place.