Gold Rush Season 13 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Reality shows come and go, but one thing that has remained a constant for a full 12 seasons is Discovery Network's "Gold Rush." The aptly named show follows a group of gold miners as they attempt to strike it rich while dealing with backstabbing, infighting, greed, and the unforgiving wilderness of the mining fields.

"Gold Rush" doesn't exactly offer the escapism of a show like "Real Housewives" or the drama of "The Bachelor," but that doesn't seem to be a deterrent to fans. "Gold Rush" is the most-watched show on the Discovery Channel, per People. Evidently, fans can't get enough of stars Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, and Fred Lewis.

At the time of this publication, "Gold Rush" is wrapping up its 12th season, and fans are already eager for more. It's got us wondering, what's going on with Season 13? For example, who's going to be in the cast, and what's the drama?

When will Season 13 of Gold Rush air?

First things first: "Gold Rush" has not yet been officially renewed for Season 13. Don't panic, though. The reason it has yet to be renewed is that Season 12 is still airing (at the time of this publication). Often, networks will hold off on renewing a series until the current season has ended. So, while its future is fuzzy, there's no reason to think that "Gold Rush" won't live to see another season. If it is renewed, when can we expect to see it? In the past, "Gold Rush" has premiered in the fall — meaning that it is likely filmed during the spring and summer, per IMDb.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many shows have had to ditch normal scheduling because social-distancing restrictions made filming practically impossible. Luckily for "Gold Rush," though, that wasn't the case. As the bulk of the show takes place outside "Gold Rush," filming hasn't been hindered by social-distancing requirements. In fact, they were able to turn COVID into a plot point, since the mining fields had to be closed for health reasons for a bit, per People.

Who's in the Gold Rush Season 13 cast?

Now that we've gotten the premier out of the way, let's talk about the cast. Predicting the cast of Season 13 is tricky because "Gold Rush" has a notoriously huge cast of characters comprising the crews in the various filming locales. Yet, while it's impossible to predict what new faces we'll see in Season 13, we can safely assume that the mainstays will remain. We're talking of course about Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, Chris, Tony Beets, and Rick Ness, who have become series regulars. There's no evidence to suggest they wouldn't want to return to the show, as it made them quite wealthy.

While living in the wilderness and mining for gold can be hit or miss, a reality TV contract can be pretty dang lucrative. According to websites like Celebrity Net Worth, the core cast is now worth millions. Parker is worth an estimated $8 million, whereas Tony is thought to be worth about $15 million. When you look at the numbers, there's really no reason to think that any of the cast has an incentive to leave the show, meaning we're more than likely to see more of them in Season 13.

What else can you expect in Gold Rush's future?

As we don't have an official renewal yet, there's not much else to know about Season 13 of "Gold Rush." In terms of what might be covered in Season 13, we're guessing there will be plenty of drama, gold, and maybe more about Parker Schnabel's love life? Parker (who looks a whole heck of a lot like Adam Driver) had his personal life front and center when his former girlfriend, Ashley, appeared on Season 7 — only to disappear on Season 8 when they broke up, per Distractify. Since then, fans have been obsessed with sussing out what's going on with Parker.

Case in point: Some devoted viewers were convinced he was dating his "Parker's Trail's" costar, Tyler Mahoney in 2020. It turns out that they were way off, though. "Me and Parker have a very good relationship, we get on very well, we chat regularly," Tyler said during a YouTube Q&A. "Work-wise, hopefully we do have a work relationship in the future but right now there's a global pandemic." If you needed any more proof that they are not together, just check Tyler's Instagram — it's full of pics of her actual boyfriend.

So, what does Season 13 hold for the cast of "Gold Rush"? We aren't sure, but hopefully a new girlfriend for Parker.