Daniel Radcliffe's Casting In Weird Al Yankovic Biopic Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Fans first met Daniel Radcliffe as a tween when he was cast as "Harry Potter" in 2001. Since then, he has gone on to become a household name through the franchise. After the series ended in 2011, Radcliffe pursued various unique acting roles, from horror movies like 2013's "Horns" to playing a corpse in 2016's "Swiss Army Man."

During an interview with Vanity Fair that same year, Radcliffe elaborated on the public perception that he tends to take unusual film roles, following his decade-long-run as a child wizard. "Basically, it's about what excites me, and I'm in a position at the moment where I don't have to do something unless I really love it," he explained. "And I don't know if I'll be in that position forever, so it seems just sensible to get as much weird, cool stuff in as you can." 

Now, Radcliffe's recent casting announcement to play comedian Weird Al Yankovic in a new biopic is leaving fans on social media with one overwhelming opinion.

Fans admire Daniel Radcliffe's commitment to being weird

"Harry Potter" actor Daniel Radcliffe has announced his next film role: playing parody comedian Weird Al Yankovic in an upcoming biopic for the streaming platform Roku. Yankovic and Radcliffe seem to both be totally on board for what is sure to be a fairly absurd movie, titled "WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story." As Yankovic said in a press release, per People, "I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role future generations will remember [Radcliffe] for." 

However, while some fans have questions — "Is Daniel Radcliffe going to wear a wig, or is he growing his hair out?" one person wondered on Twitter — many people agree that the "Weird" role is right up Radcliffe's alley. "One thing about Daniel Radcliffe, as seen in Miracle Workers and Swiss Army Man, is that he's down to get extremely goofy," one person noted. "I will forever admire Daniel Radcliffe's commitment to switching things up in weird and wonderful ways," another remarked. Despite the initial oddness, or maybe because of it, many are quite curious to see how this movie will turn out... or if Yankovic will flip the script and parody a young Radcliffe.