Steve Harvey Had Quite The Reaction To His Daughter's Steamy Photo With Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey has a reputation for not only being one of the funniest television personalities, but also as someone who loves to tell it like it is. At the same time, Harvey has seen plenty of controversy during his career. After all, the disaster from the Miss Universe finals back in 2015 is still etched in everyone's memories, when Harvey had to apologize for incorrectly announcing the wrong winner's name. 

Now, in January 2022, it seems like Harvey has done it again, when the entertainer dubbed someone the "most stupidest dude I've ever met" on the "Judge Steve Harvey" show. Harvey revealed on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show that the ABC network wasn't happy with him calling someone stupid in front of the cameras. "ABC had a little talk with me afterwards," he revealed, adding that he didn't know what else to say. "You take your wife to court on TV, that's not stupid?" while adding, "we're having a little struggle with the political correctness."

It seems like Harvey is in the hot seat again, but for a totally different reason. But in true Steve Harvey fashion, he certainly didn't keep quiet about it, and it's all because it has to do with his daughter, Lori Harvey.

Lori Harvey's Instagram post almost left her father speechless

Steve Harvey is a person who has a lot to say, but if there's one person who can leave him speechless, it's his daughter Lori Harvey. During his appearance on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," a photo popped up of Lori sitting on her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan's lap. It's not just any photo, but a rather steamy photo with the two of them looking amorous. According to the Daily Mail, DeGeneres tried to stir a little reaction from Steve when she pointed at the photo and said, "Look at that, that's happening in front of you?" This prompted Steve to respond with, "I've never seen that picture before ... I'm very uncomfortable with that picture right now, not really feeling that picture."

Thankfully, DeGeneres managed to make the awkwardness of the moment go away when she asked about Steve's family Christmas. When DeGeneres asked if Jordan was a "good gift giver," Harvey responded with, "Hell yeah, that's why I like him!" In other words, Jordan is sitting pretty with two members of the Harvey family who love what he can offer.