Natalie Morales Gets Honest About Her NBC News Exit

Television anchor Natalie Morales became known for her lengthy tenure at NBC News — notably on shows such as the "Today" show and "Dateline." Many viewers grew to heavily associate Morales with NBC, as she spent 22 years spanning various roles on different programs. However, she shocked many at the end of 2021 when she announced her departure.

"With you, I've had a front seat to moments that captured our hearts, moments I will forever cherish as I witnessed history ... I have enjoyed two royal weddings and held court in London awaiting the first royal birth in decades. Events forever on my highlight reel," Morales said in a written letter on "Today."

After a few months, Morales has gotten comfortable in her new job as moderator on CBS' "The Talk" series. Now, she is opening up even more on what it was really like leaving NBC News after over two decades.

Natalie Morales felt she would fit in at The Talk

During a recent interview with People, former NBC News anchor and current "The Talk" moderator Natalie Morales opened up about how it felt to leave her longtime job for a new show, not to mention a new television network. While change might scare many people, Morales said she had "zero hesitation" about accepting her new role. In fact, she said she knew she would fit in on the show, as she had appeared previously as a guest.

"I knew "The Talk" could really showcase my personality, but also that I knew I would have great chemistry with the other co-hosts, which I had at the "Today" show, of course," Morales explained, "but living here in Los Angeles — this is the big game in town."

However, not everyone was excited for Morales' announcement. Fans of the show took to social media last October, expressing disappointment that co-host Sheryl Underwood was unaware of the new hire, according to The Sun. "Natalie has taken over the show. The talk should be called the Natalie Morales show! I don't like her," one fan wrote on the Facebook page. Underwood, however, seems to have come around to Morales. "Natalie is such a good fit for us as the moderator," she told People. "She has a great sense of humor, she's fun, she's quick on her feet. Natalie being our moderator is essentially being the captain of our ship." Underwood continued, "She's the Captain Stubing of 'The Love Boat' on 'The Talk.'"