Abby Lee Miller Is Causing A Stir With Her Latest Lawsuit

When viewers first met Abby Lee Miller in 2011, she was the intense coach on reality TV show "Dance Moms," who kept both kids and parents alike in line. Although the show ended in 2019, Miller didn't shy away from several controversies along the way. Allegedly, she created secret bank accounts and hid her income for years, according to Seventeen Magazine. Miller was eventually put on trial for fraud and was sentenced to prison in 2017.

"You eat, and then they stand at the door when you leave to make sure that you're not taking an apple or an orange or a banana or anything out of the commissary with you like a snack to eat later. You can't take anything out," Miller told HollywoodLife in September 2020.

Now, the former TV dance coach is making headlines once again, this time for a new lawsuit that is catching major attention.

Abby Lee Miller is suing Hampton Inn

"Dance Mom" star Abby Lee Miller, after being charged with fraud in 2017, is back in the news once again. This time, Miller is suing Hampton Inn & Suites for $8.5 million after her recent hotel stay. Following her cancer diagnosis in 2018, a surgery left the famous coach in a wheelchair, according to ET Online.

Miller stayed at Hampton Inn & Suites throughout 2020, according to TMZ, when a hotel door fell on her after getting her wheelchair caught in the bathroom. The lawsuit also allegedly lists that Miller's calls for accessibility were ignored by the staff. The official claims listed are "negligence, emotional distress, unlawful discrimination, discrimination against individuals with disabilities, and false imprisonment," according to People Magazine's obtained documents.

This also isn't the first experience Miller has faced when it comes to wheelchair accessibility. In 2019, she took to Instagram after being injured while trying to transfer chairs at American Airlines' airport gate (via Page Six).