Fans Think Kim Kardashian Just Sent A Steamy Signal To Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are back at it again. The couple's whirlwind romance has taken the entertainment world (and Kanye West's, to be frank) by storm since romantically linking up in October. With their rollercoaster rides, group dates, and vacation in the Bahamas, things between the couple have certainly been heating up.

Kim's relationship with Davidson came several months after the socialite filed for divorce from Kanye — her husband of now-eight years. But despite now being estranged from the rapper, Kim is living it up with her new man in Davidson and her family couldn't be any happier. "Kim's family absolutely adores Pete and welcomes the idea of their relationship with open arms," an unnamed source told ET. "Kim radiates when Pete is around and the family really takes notice of that and respects Pete for bringing out Kim's best self."

Furthermore, the source stated, "Pete brings out a side of Kim that she loves. She adores Pete's sense of humor and their chemistry is on another level. Kim likes that he is so authentically himself." Now, it seems as if Kim Kardashian has taken to Instagram to send Pete Davidson a sultry message for his good behavior.

Kim Kardashian's latest bikini snaps leaves fans speculating

On January 19, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share some jaw-dropping bikini flicks in the sand. Captioning the carousel "Beach Party," fans took notice that she used the P emoji in the word "party" — prompting users to speculate if this was a subtle nod to boy toy Pete Davidson. [P emoji] for Pete?" one user inquired, while another wrote, "PETE party." Some fans even think Davidson was behind the camera, with one commenter saying, "Great shots Pete." 

Possibly more likely, however, Kim's use of the P emoji stems from rapper Gunna's newly-coined phrase, "Pushin' P." When tasked with defining the term, Gunna stated in an Instagram Story (via Complex), "Putting your people in position is P. Bossing your b***h up is P. Risking your life to feed your family is P. Being a real n***a off the internet is P. I'm pushing P. Speaking on a n***a for no reason is not P."

Many users in the comments have even made reference to the rapper's new phrase, with multiple comments actually reading, "YOU ARE NOT [P emoji]." One fan, however, remarked, "LMFAOO KIM IS [P emoji]." Wonder what Gunna would have to say about all this...