More Troubling Claims About Garrett Hedlund's Behavior Have Come To Light

The following article contains mentions of substance abuse.

Personal difficulties continue to mount for Garrett Hedlund in early 2022. A year earlier, the "Triple Frontier" star became a dad when he and girlfriend Emma Roberts welcomed their son Rhodes into the world, and Hedlund relished the role as father. "Garrett totally stepped it up after Emma was still recovering after giving birth," a source told People in January 2021. Unfortunately, a year later the duo decided to call it quits. "It's sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent. It's been hard," a source told People on January 21.

The breakup was only part of the bad news that befell Hedlund, as on January 21 he was also sued for a car crash that took place two years earlier while he drove under the influence, per E!. According to the suit, the "On the Road" actor "passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle" which resulted in a head-on collision where two passengers in the other vehicle sustained "severe and permanent injuries." The lawsuit alleged that Hedlund — who was arrested at the time — was extremely drunk. "Hedlund had red, bloodshot, and watery eyes with extremely slurred speech ... Hedlund was so inebriated he was unable to walk," the court documents read.

The plaintiffs claimed that after the 2020 crash Hedlund tried to start up his vehicle and flee the scene. "But he was so intoxicated he could not get away," the documents obtained by E! read. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Hedlund found himself in even more hot water.

Why police decided to arrest Garrett Hedlund

Only days after a lawsuit was filed against Garrett Hedlund for his drunk driving accident, the actor wound up behind bars again. On January 23, the "Tron: Legacy" star was arrested for public intoxication in Tennessee, per TMZ. He was released on $2,100 bond, but the details of his behavior surrounding the incident were troubling. According to court documents, police were called on the night of the arrest after Hedlund continued to bang on the back door of a building to gain entrance, as he claimed to have left items in the building, per TMZ. Police wound up arresting the Minnesota native for "unreasonable annoyance," as he smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech while dealing with police. The most troubling aspects of Hedlund's behavior came before police arrived.

The man who called the cops on Hedlund said the "Mudbound" star had tried to jump out of a moving vehicle earlier. Plus, Hedlund allegedly tried to punch the man, and kicked him, but the man did not decide to press charges, per TMZ. When authorities arrived, they determined that Hedlund posed a threat to himself and others.

Following his car accident and DUI charges from 2020, Hedlund voluntarily entered a 30-day residential treatment program that year, his rep told Us Weekly. He also was ordered by the court to attend 30 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and complete community service.

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