Paris Hilton Changes Her Tune On Lindsay Lohan

Both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are some of pop culture's most-talked-about celebrities from the 2000s, and back then, they seemingly had a brutal, long-lasting feud. In 2018, a series of throwback videos were shared to Instagram, where Lohan can be seen showing off a bruise on her arm (via People). The "Mean Girls" actor told the person filming that Hilton hit her the night before at her friend's house "for no reason." In another clip, Hilton confronted Lohan and told her to tell the paparazzi the truth. "I never said that. Paris is my friend. No, I love her, she's my friend," Lohan replied. In the third and final clip, Lohan was caught calling Hilton a "c***" and denied saying that she did after being confronted.

When the videos resurfaced on Instagram, @CommentsByCelebs spotted Hilton writing, "#PathologicalLiar," with the laughing face emoji in the comments section. Their beef didn't stop there, however. Hilton shaded the actor in 2017 to MTV Australia when talking about the famous photo of the duo in the car with Britney Spears that saw them smiling on a night out. "Actually, it was just Brit and I [going] out," the "Stars Are Blind" hitmaker revealed, adding, "And then [Lindsay] chased us to the car and got in. She wasn't invited."

The following year, Hilton told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show that Lohan isn't someone she can trust. With that being said, it seems the successful businesswoman is ready to put things behind her after all these years.

Paris Hilton congratulated Lindsay Lohan on her engagement

In 2019, Paris Hilton played "Plead The Fifth" on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" and was asked by host Andy Cohen if she was able to say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan. The "Nothing In This World" singer appeared to struggle to give an answer, but eventually said Lohan was "beyond, lame, and embarrassing." However, during her recent appearance on the same show in late January 2022, Hilton informed viewers that their feud may be finally over.

Hilton, who got married to her husband Carter Reum last year, said she broke the ice by congratulating Lohan after getting engaged to Bader Shammas. "I just feel that we're grown-ups now. I just got married. She just got engaged. We're not in high school. I think it was just very immature, and now everything is all good," Hilton stated, adding, "No bad vibes." It seems Lohan is now following Hilton on Instagram. Although, Hilton has yet to follow the "Parent Trap" actor back. Complete that mutual, Paris!