The Extreme Lengths Lily James And Sebastian Stan Went To For Pam And Tommy

Hulu's new limited series "Pam & Tommy" has finally arrived, delighting fans who were surprised and impressed by Sebastian Stan and Lily James' transformation into one of the most iconic pop culture couples. The series explores the relationship of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, highlighting the infamously stolen, and then leaked, sex tape that spread like wildfire at the birth of the Internet, per IndieWire.

James and Stan spoke to E! News' "Daily Pop" on January 28 about taking on such fragile subject matter and doing Anderson and Lee justice in their performances. James argued the leak was "a crime against" the exes, explaining, "The tape was made as a private, private tape between two people in love ... and it's not 'a sex tape.' ... So it was just such huge violation of their privacy." On the topic of how that sentiment relates to the new show, Stan reasoned, "I think that they deserved that being retold." 

Now that the world can watch the story unfold, James and Stan are giving more insight into how deeply they committed to and disappeared into the roles.

James and Stan took method acting to a whole new level

Setting out with the goal to play Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee as "authentically" as they could, Lily James and Sebastian Stan approached the roles with a method flair. During a February 1 interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," it was revealed the two "never really saw each other outside of character," with James even committing to Anderson's American accent off set. "I think we were both just terrified to play these characters," Stan explained about the intensity of the project. 

But wait — the actors took things even further. Stan continued, "I know we both did this — we would actually scream into pillows in between the scenes because I was trying to get my voice raspy to sound like him, and you [James] were doing that too. So I was like, 'You're screaming into a pillow as well?!'" James added with a laugh, "I think everyone thought we were literally losing our minds in our trailers!" When the two weren't on set, Stan would walk around with Lee's iconic tattoos, and James was left with bleached eyebrows, "looking like a freak."

To complete the "freakish" look, Stan shared with ET Online that his daily makeup took two hours, and three for James to transform. "It's really wild, with Lily, because the first time I saw her as herself was actually at the end of the shoot five months later." Talk about commitment!