Andy Cohen Shares Hilarious Update On His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

It was only fitting that Andy Cohen, one of the most prominent staples in pop culture, would receive his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In a February 4 ceremony, Cohen celebrated this career milestone with son Benjamin Cohen and famous friends such as John Mayer, Lisa Rinna, and Garcelle Beauvais on hand, per Page Six. A Bravo executive and host of "Watch What Happens Live!," Cohen was verbally honored for a 30-plus year entertainment career by Mayer, Rinna, and Beauvais, the latter two of which star on the network's "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." 

"Our 'mazel of the day' goes to you, Andy Cohen, to all the amazing things you've accomplished and all the amazing things you will accomplish in the future," Rinna said in a joint speech with Beauvais, who added, "And we're not just saying that because you're our boss." Meanwhile, longtime friend Mayer — who called Cohen an "icon" and "a rule-breaker "— mused, "He's an A-lister, who parties like a B-lister with the free spirit of a C-lister." The "Gravity" singer also paid tribute to Cohen being the first openly gay host of a late-night talk show, saying via Page Six, "Because of Andy, everyone in America has at least one gay friend." 

With February 4 also declared "Andy Cohen Day" in Los Angeles, the "Radio Andy" host would also discover the not-so-glamorous side to having your own star on the Walk of Fame ... a mere two days later. 

Andy Cohen's friends cleaned his Hollywood Walk of Fame

Apparently, stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame don't get enough routine maintenance. At least, that's what Andy Cohen discovered just days after his own star was unveiled. In a video posted to his Instagram on February 7, Cohen's friends Liza and Jamie Persky are shown bringing their own mop, bucket, and cleaning rag to his muddied star, taking it upon themselves to scrub it clean. "That's what friends are for! Thank you @lizapersky1 @jamiepersky! (Also – wow my star was FILTHY after only two days!) #wondertwins," Cohen enthused graciously. 

The task took the Perskys almost a minute to complete, perhaps in part due to their unconventional cleaning methods, as Cohen's comments section pointed out. "Best part is they don't know how to work the mop or the bucket!!!!," one fan couldn't help noting (in good humor, hopefully) of the Perskys' handling of their tools. "I'm sorry, did the one with the rag just put it on her tongue AFTER wiping the sidewalk with it?????," another wrote in alarm.

Although Cohen's twin pals were essentially roasted in this video of their good deed ("U can tell they don't clean," commented another fan), the generous gesture — and sparkling clean result! — is all that matters in the end.