The Armie Hammer And Elizabeth Chambers Reunion Rumors Explained

Fans were surprised when Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers announced their separation, after 10 years of marriage, in 2020. People were even more surprised by the disturbing allegations against Hammer — involving abuse, sexual assault, and cannibalism — that surfaced in 2021. Now there's another twist: rumors that Hammer and Chambers may be on the verge of reconciling. Are we surprised? Well, yes, actually. 

Hammer has reportedly just gotten out of a rehabilitation facility, where he was seeking treatment for issues with drugs, alcohol, and sex addiction, according to TMZ, after a stay of several months. He appears to be living in the Cayman Islands with his kids at the moment. TMZ also reported that while he still faces serious allegations, including rape, it looks unlikely that charges will be brought against him. Hammer has denied the allegations against him. 

Is reuniting with his ex-wife part of Hammer's plan for rebuilding his life? Well, one unnamed source speaking to People magazine seems to believe so. 

Sources have different takes on Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

On February 7, People reported that Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers may be getting back together. Or at least considering getting back together. An unnamed source reportedly told the magazine, "They're slowly figuring things out as a couple, but being parents to their two kids will always come first." Another anonymous source said, "Elizabeth has always loved him," and added, "They obviously had a lot of issues, but Armie's rehab stay showed that he was committed to big changes. They get along and enjoy hanging out with the kids." That sure seems like the path to reconciliation, but hold your horses. 

A day later on February 8, another anonymous source spoke to Us Weekly to refute these rumors. "Elizabeth and Armie have been working together on their coparenting relationship," the source said. "They are not back together, there is nothing romantic going on between them." Backing up Us Weekly's reporting, one insider told E! News, "They are not back together." Another source told E! that their relationship is solely about co-parenting their children — a son Ford and a daughter Harper.

So, taking all of this reporting together, the only common theme from all three sources is that Hammer and Chambers are focused on parenting above all else. Seems smart.