What We Know About Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly's Real-Life Husband

On "Yellowstone," actor Kelly Reilly plays the sharp-tongued, abrasive, and wickedly smart Beth Dutton ... but she hasn't done it alone. Beth's romance with Rip, played by Cole Hauser, has become a cornerstone for many fans. As viewers are well aware, the couple's evolution has been anything but easy. Still, their love has continued to flourish despite the tragedies they have faced. 

In January 2022, Reilly opened up about Beth's journey in an interview with Esquire. She said of her relationship with Rip, "Her heart is so aligned with him, and as we've seen, the one thing Beth holds very dearly is who she is and her loyalty, which can then go too far, right? To death, I think she is loyal to Rip." Sure, on the small screen, Beth's adoration for her counterpart is clear and genuine, but who is Reilly's other half in real life? When she is not filming "Yellowstone," Reilly splits her time between the English countryside and New York ... but she isn't alone. So who is her offscreen lover?

Kelly Reilly is married to financier Kyle Baugher

Kelly Reilly is married to Kyle Baugher. According to Parade, Baugher is a financier, and the two have been married since 2012. Reilly has admitted to Esquire that she is "cut off a lot from the world," and she certainly remains tight-lipped about her romantic life away from cameras. When she spoke to The Guardian in 2011, one year before marrying Baugher, Reilly shared that her boyfriend at the time — presumably Baugher — lived in New York. She added, "I'm not saying any more about him except that he's not an actor, not in the business. I spend a lot of time across the pond. I spend a lot of my time on aeroplanes. I'm probably going to do the move soon. I'd like my life to be in one place."

Reilly also touched up on her relationship in an interview with the Evening Standard in 2015. Discussing her return to the stage, she explained, "I hadn't done a play in eight years. I was doing play after play after play in London, and I couldn't manage a great personal life and do a play. Now, I'm married and happy and content so I thought it was time to see if I could get that balance back."

Kyle Baugher went to Princeton

Kyle Baugher clearly prefers to remain out of the spotlight; in fact, he doesn't have any presence on social media. According to Biography Host, the Baugher received his bachelor's degree from Princeton University in 2002. He and Reilly are reported to have met in Marfa, Texas, and tied the knot in Somerset, England. Reilly rarely posts photos of her significant other, but on New Year's Day 2022, she uploaded a photo to Instagram with Baugher that appears to have been taken at the beach. She captioned the photo, "Another year of love .. so grateful for you. Wishing everyone a beautiful year x." While Baugher and Reilly do not have any children together, they do have a dog, whom Reilly frequently posts on Instagram

For fans hankering for more of Reilly's fictional romance on "Yellowstone," Good Housekeeping reported that the next season of the show can be expected to air sometime in Fall 2022, and when it does, Beth Dutton will be back full throttle. 

Kyle Baugher enjoys a private life with Kelly Reilly

While Kyle Baugher does not have any social media, he is present on LinkedIn. There, apart from the fact that he graduated from Princeton University in 2002, his sparse page reveals that he is a fan of 52 Capital Partners, LLC, and the New York Athletic Club. 

So, while Baugher enjoys his quiet life away from his wife's fame, fans will have to satisfy their curiosities about Reilly's romantic life by diving into Beth and Rip's relationship on "Yellowstone." Fortunately, Cole Hauser, who plays Reilly's love interest on the show, is a huge fan of the actor. In November 2021, Hauser told CinemaBlend, "How they can navigate different waters together, and find even a stronger bond through those waters. And once again, in Season 4, there's an obstacle or obstacles that they have to face, and it was wonderful doing it with Kelly. She's one of my favorite actresses I've ever worked with, and working with her on this relationship has just been so much fun."

An added bonus is that Hauser's wife, Cynthia Daniel, is a fan of Reilly, too. In 2021, Hauser told Outsider, "[My wife, Cynthia Daniel] loves Kelly, they get along great. You know, it's a small family and she comes up to Montana so it's pretty easy." For now, fans will have to engross themselves in the relationship between Rip and Beth and continue to muse about Reilly's private, offscreen life with husband Baugher.