The Scary Reason Britney Spears Lost The Use Of Her Lower Body

In November 2021, fans around the world rejoiced when Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship was officially terminated after 13 years. Britney had been under the control of her father, Jamie Spears, and his team of lawyers since 2008. The "Toxic" singer made a series of allegations against her father during her trial last year in an effort to reclaim her freedom, testifying that she was forced to tour against her will and to get an IUD to prevent her from having anymore children with boyfriend Sam Asghari (she shares two boys with ex-husband Kevin Federline). Britney also claimed her dad and others should "be in jail" for the "abuse" they put her through.

Since reclaiming her freedom, Britney has continued to speak out about how she was treated during the past 13 years, putting her mother Lynne Spears, and sister Jamie Lynn Spears, on blast. Among one of the troubling stories to have come out about Britney's conservatorship was that she was forced to enter a treatment facility in April 2019 (via Time). Now, Britney has opened up about the horrifying treatment she received while she was there.

Britney Spears was confined to a chair for a prolonged period of time

On February 10, Britney Spears detailed her horrific experience at a treatment center, claiming she was forced to stay there for four months in 2019, and that she suffered from near paralysis after being confined to a chair for eight hours. In a now-deleted screenshot posted by BuzzFeed News, Britney admitted she has depression, and noted how grateful she is to treat it on her own terms, recalling a time she was held at a treatment center "against her will."

Britney disclosed that she wasn't given a timeline for when she could go home after she was admitted. "I felt like [the stay] stunted my growth," Britney said. She then dropped a bombshell, saying she "could only use [her] upper body because I had to sit in a chair for eight hours a day." Britney said she questioned the treatment and likened it to what cancer patients had to face, calling the experience "demoralizing."

"I wanted to kick and scream all of it but my family sat back and acted if I was not a big deal," Britney added. "The most damage that was done to me is the sick psychology of my own family convincing me that I was OK with what they did."

This isn't the first time Britney has called her family out, having previously called younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears "scum" for making up lies to sell her memoir and abandoning her during her time of need (via Page Six).