Kim Kardashian Celebrates Two People Who Have Stood With Her For Over A Decade

While her ex-husband Kanye "Ye" West's social media meltdown continues apace, Kim Kardashian has taken to her own Instagram to instead lift up some of the folks who have supported her and her journey from minor reality star to pop culture icon. Arguably Instagram's greatest influencer success story, it seems like eons ago that Kim was just a little-known celebrity trying to get the fashion elite to take her seriously. Now, Kim has enough Vogue covers for her own museum, and for her latest spread, she's using her massive social media platform to make sure that credit goes exactly where it's due. 

Kim graces the cover of American Vogue's March 2022 issue, and she brought along her four children as part of the gorgeous photo spread. We know how much Kim loves her family, but we're not talking about the support of her kiddos. We're talking about Kim's shoutout to some people who have been with her even longer than her little ones. 

Kim Kardashian calls out her glam team

Alongside a favorite photo from the Vogue cover shoot, Kim Kardashian posted a heartfelt message to her glam team on her Instagram. "I love this pic from my Vogue Magazine cover shoot but what I love most is that I was able to use [Mario Dedivanovic} and [Chris Appleton] to glam me," Kim wrote in the caption. The pic in question shows the bona fide fashion icon in profile against a blue background, styled with a spectacular bun and gorgeous gold earrings approximately the size of a small child. 

Kim went on, "When Mario first started working with me his agent told him not to work with me anymore and working with a reality star would never ever land him a US Vogue Cover." A real one if ever there was, Mario decided to stick with Kim over a cover and fired the obviously very wrong agent. "It might have taken us over a decade but I couldn't be more proud of my glam team who always shows up for me," Kim wrote, adding, "I love you guys!"

It's not every day that the fairy godmother(s) get the happily ever after right alongside Cinderella, but it's a trend we would love to see more of.