Did Wendy Williams Really Share An Update About Her Well-Being?

Wendy Williams has been MIA for a while now, and fans have been understandably worried about the talk show host. Sherri Shepherd is now a "permanent guest host" of "The Wendy Williams Show," according to TMZ, while Williams herself has been privately dealing with a slew of mental health and personal issues that have gained a lot of public attention. One of the most pressing problems she's facing is a legal dispute with her bank, Wells Fargo, according to Yahoo News. The bank has reportedly frozen access to her accounts, saying that she is of "unsound mind" and an "incapacitated person," in need of guardianship. 

Williams' attorney said in a statement that she "strenuously denies" the allegations about her mental health and capacity, but from the woman herself, we've actually heard very little. Until now, finally, television's most unfiltered host appears in a video posted to Instagram on February 16 to address her well-being personally. But there is some controversy surrounding the supposed update.

Fans suspect the Wendy Williams video is old

In the Instagram video, recorded by her son Kevin Hunter Jr., according to Yahoo News, Wendy Williams is taking a barefoot walk along the beach and answering his questions about her day-to-day. "I'm doing okay," she says. She describes her gym routine and says she's "taking a break from New York." We're not sure if that means a break from just the city or a break from, well, everything else. 

That said, there are some commenters who have their doubts about whether the video is actually legit or not. The account — The Real Wendy Williams Online — that posted it is unverified with a low follower count, and many pointed out that she mentions having her mom by her side, even though Williams' mother died in 2020, according to Today. Seeing as Williams has taken brief hiatuses from the show for her mental health before, it's entirely possible this video is from an earlier date. Meanwhile, the official "Wendy Williams Show" Instagram and Twitter accounts are still dedicated pretty exclusively to promoting the show. That said, Williams' publicist told Page Six her fans can visit the mysterious IG account to "send positive messages, energy, and affirmations" for her to "read daily." They also said, "She believes that, thanks in large part to the love and support of her son, her family, her new team of doctors and a change of scenery, she is on the mend."

The whole thing is a mystery but either way, we're wishing Williams a speedy recovery.