Channing Tatum Shows Off His Mysterious New Tattoo

Channing Tatum is no stranger to an inking. Although those who saw either of the "Magic Mike" movies will know that the handsome actor isn't exactly covered in tats, he has gone under the needle a few times to get something meaningful on his skin.

His probably most seen inking is a series of horizontal and vertical lines on his inner right bicep, which appear to cross over to make squares. As for what that means? Well, according to Body Art Guru, it's thought the design has quite the sentimental meaning and is made to represent the Iron Horse, which reminds the star of the ranch he spent a lot of time at as a kid that was owned by his uncle. Aww!

As for Tatum's second tattoo? That's reportedly a line of text in Balinese that translates to mean "Side by side" in English. That tattoo also has a sentimental meaning as well, as Tatum told People that it matched one gotten by his now former wife, Jenna Dewan, on her foot during their honeymoon in Bali back in 2009. "It was a joint decision. We always wanted to get a tattoo of something together," he shared.

And now Tatum has gotten inked for a third time, showing off all the proof via Instagram Stories.

Channing Tatum's 'prison tattoo'

Channing Tatum showed off his latest tattoo on February 16, though exactly what this one means is a bit of a mystery. The actor shared a close up of the design on his Instagram Story, showing the term "L333" written on the back of his left calf, just underneath the back of his knee. He didn't go into too much detail about the meaning behind the inking, but jokingly wrote on the upload that it was "basically a prison tattoo."

The star appeared to get his latest design alongside a friend though, with Trey Allen sharing uploads to his Instagram Story that same day which appeared to show them getting inked together. Tagging Tatum and dog trainer Donovan Hunter on one post at the tattoo parlor, he wrote, "Is that what a 5 looks like to you Trey?"

He then shared Tatum's original post showing his new tattoo on his Instagram Story and jokingly added, "@channingtatum it's called art. You should see what the other guy did to me." In another Instagram Stories upload, he revealed his own tattoo, "N853," which appeared to be written across his wrist.

The tattoos may have had something to do with Tatum's 2022 movie, "Dog," as the two also shared photos to their Story showing them have a whole lot of fun while hanging out on the set. In it, Tatum plays a soldier who's in a race against time to get home for a fellow soldier's funeral.