Lisa Vanderpump Shares How She's Really Doing After Suffering Serious Injury

Lisa Vanderpump is known for her love of dogs, which she frequently demonstrates on her Instagram account. She also co-founded The Vanderpump Dog Foundation with the aim to put an end to animal abuse around the world. Now that her human children are fully grown and out of the nest, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star cares for a number of fur babies, including dogs, horses, and even swans. In an interview with Modern Dog Magazine, Lisa explained her reasons for starting her foundation, stating that first and foremost she wanted to "get others on board in terms of fighting for dogs." She added, "being altruistic and philanthropic is extremely important to me" and "the cause for dogs is something dear to my heart."

The television personality is not just passionate about dogs — she loves all animals, including her horse of six years, Prince Tardon. However, on January 30, the duo went through a scary experience during a ride at The Paddock in Los Angeles. A sudden fall ended with a visit to the hospital to treat broken bones in Lisa's leg and bruising on her back, according to TMZ. Although Lisa had to undergo surgery to correct the breaks, the prognosis for recovery was incredibly optimistic. With some physical therapy, she would be expected to get back to her normal self. Since then, the "Simply Divine" author has been working hard on her recovery process and has since opened up about her experience.

Lisa Vanderpump is healing from four leg fractures

On February 16, Lisa Vanderpump told the Daily Mail that her healing process after a horseback-riding fall is "ahead of schedule." She explained that orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Jung worked "his brilliant talents" on her leg, which was fractured in four places, and that she is "doing so much better" thanks to him. The reality television personality went on to describe the incident as "devastating" and added that she felt "lucky and thankful" not to have ended up with a worse injury, such as a broken back. The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star hasn't allowed her injury to keep her down either. She has been spotted out and about with a huge walking cast and the assistance of a walker just weeks after undergoing surgery to repair the damage to her leg. And although she is still "in pain," Lisa says she "can now put 25% weight" on her leg. "I never thought two weeks ago that I'd be doing so much better today," she affirmed.

As Lisa went through surgery to repair her leg, her husband, Ken Todd, spoke with TMZ on February 2 to share his thoughts on the accident. After watching the whole scenario play out, it seems that the restaurateur would prefer his wife never go through a similar incident again. "I think maybe that was her last ride," he speculated. "I wouldn't let her ride again." However, she has yet to confirm this.